Pembantu Rumah

To those who wants to look for a new maid, here’s a good website to help you;

Warisan Srikandi

Very clear and concise explanation about the process/procedures and yang paling penting the cost breakdown. Pengurusan mengambil maid ni sebenarnya tidak lah sesusah yang kita pikirkan. Dari bahagian kita sebagai employer, kita cuma perlu pigi LHDN untuk dapatkan stamp bond (1 contract bond + 4 employment contract = RM50), pigi imigresen to submit completed borang-borang, after 3 (or 5 days) pigi imigresen ambil calling visa (if everything is ok), send calling visa to consultant (or ejen di Indonesia if you buat directly with them, which cost lesser), and go pickup the new maid at the airport (once confirmation given by ejen di Indonesia)… And of course, duit lah… Siap kan aroung 5k – 6k for everything.

I’m going thru this process again since my maid will be going back in September. I hope everything goes smoothly… Sigh…

4 thoughts on “Pembantu Rumah

  1. noordinarymomster says:

    yups, been there done that! might need to go through it again one of these days…. bila dah tak larat nak iron baju! hahahaha… 😉

  2. Aida says:

    how lucky u are. my hubby tak nak amik maid. because, according to him, freedom tiada. he said, no matter how expensive babysitter nak charge [yg reasonable la], dia sanggup bayar. yg penting, dlm rumah tiada outsider…

    adus ! i la yg jadi isteri + ibu + maid + driver anak2 …

  3. Wendy says:


    My maid gone back to Indonesia 8 months already after completed her two years contract. Now, she wants to come back to Malaysia to work for me again. How is the process ah? She asked an Indonesia agent and it costs RM4,000 for everything to complete…until arrival at LCCT.

    At first I thought RM4,000 quite reasonable but when she has done her passport, medical check-up, the Indonesia agent called me that he will post the photocopy of passport, medical report and photos to me. Then, I’ll have to submit myself at the Imigresen Putrajaya. I understand from a friend that after approval of my application, I just need to send air ticket and Calling Visa to my maid. She just need to go to Kedutaan Indonesia to get endorsement, then she can come already. I really cannot understand why I need to pay RM4,000 since most of the job already done here. Is RM4,000 reasonable? Hope you can advise me. Thank you.

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