Angry, suprised, tired, hungry, sleepy…

… is what I’m feeling at this moment.

My morning started very well. 8am I was already in Shah Alam. Got the LHDN thingy done within 5 minutes. Went to the Imigresen dengan perasaan penuh semangat. Sampai kaunter, budak Imigresen tu pun kata, ‘semua dah lengkap… TAPI yang ini kita kena hantar pergi Pengarah untuk approval sebab yang ni untuk second maid. Jadi kalau untuk Pengarah, kita kena submit employment letter jugak’. Dengan mata ku yang merah menyala like the fire of Mordor, hati ku hancur macam mashed potato, I knew, I had to come down all the way to KL and request the letter from ofis. DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! I guess I spoke too soon about Imigresen…

So, me, being in the ofis means that I missed AI finale… I managed to catch the announcement bit from live telecast tho. Kris Allen won is the biggest upset ever. But I actually thought he would win after last nite’s performances. Why? I think he won because of sympathy vote. The song, No Boundaries, was so obviously biased meant for Adam Lambert. Kris couldn’t hit those high notes. Even Adam sang it pitchy. The song is just horrible. It sounded as if an amature wrote it. As what Simon said, ‘the mountains and hurricanes song’. IMHO, it was the ugliest song ever in AI history. Whatever it is, my Wednesdays and Thursdays are empty again… Congratulations to Kris Allen. But unfortunately, we all kno Adam Lambert will be the bigger star.

Ok… I’m all zen and calm. I’ll do some work before I drive back home and continue work from home. Adios!

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