Post-op 3rd day

Okay… So here’s the thing… I had a tumor on my right thyroid.

To make the long story short, I just found out about it last Friday, confirmed the tumor on Saturday, and had the surgery to remove my right thyroid on Tuesday… Biopsy result will come out next week. The biopsy will confirm whether it’s benign or cancerous. Let’s just hope it’s good news.

I hate those IV drip thingy...

I hate those IV drip thingy...


Post-op day 1

Post-op day 1


Post-op day 2

Post-op day 2

Pray for me my friends…

20 thoughts on “Post-op 3rd day

  1. OMG Ziah.. I’m so sorry to hear this. I was wondering why you’ve been quiet.

    Are you still in hospital? Kalau yes.. which hospital?

    My prayers are with you, girl!

  2. Rad says:

    pyerudz: that’s the thing with thyroid though fren.. i have that problem too, and i look like the Titanic most of the time. I only have like 1-2 ‘agak skinny looking’ days in a month. (probably the two days i would use to take gambar lawa-lawa.) I really hope the end result would be the good news that we all are waiting for. Prayers for you Jiah!

  3. Rozie says:


    OMG!!! Scary eeh? Abu skang cuti la ye? Ke dia keja gak?
    Will pray for good result n ur speedy recovery!


  4. Shanky says:

    You will be just fine dearie.just fine.i have loads to tell u about the europe u better come in ASAP!until then,go pig out n chill with the small ya.Mwahsss!!!

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