Sama ka?




Me also

Me also

 I thought I looked more like Khadeeja… Maybe masa time (masa time??? heh…) baby I look exactly like Ameena. Lemme ask my Mom for my baby pics…

Happy 2nd Year!

8th May 2009

8th May 2009

In that book which is

My memory…

On the first page

That is the chapter


I first met you

Appear the words…


-La Vita Nuova by Dante Alighieri-

Happy Birthday Khadeeja!

 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox: Mommy

Dear Haji Hamdan

This is where I get my good looks from...

This is where I get my good looks from...

I have a lot to say to you. I don’t kno where to start. So let me just put it in a list;

  • I never get to thank you for the Kancil you got me. It was my first car and it was red. The number was WEX6459. So thank you for the car…
  • I never get to say thank you for my house as well. So, thank you for making sure that I’ve got a roof over my head.
  • Thank you for giving me education, food, clothes… Basically everything I have is from you.
  • I’d like you to kno that I took your favorite baju pagoda yang suda koyak tu. Next time my mother or husband gets angry when I wear my tudung buruk or mickey mouse t-shirt, I will tell them ‘if Nenek Aji can wear baju pagoda koyak, so can I!’
  • I admit, we have the same obsession towards electrical goods.
  • You kno how you like to keep the plastic cover on the seats whenever you buy a new car? Everytime I see cars with the plastic cover still on, Abu and I will say ‘tengok tu… Nenek Aji…’. Hence referring vehicles with plastic cover the ‘Nenek Aji’.
  • I used to think that you giving me half your milo panas dalam piring is because I love cats and you want me to drink like a cat…
  • I’m sorry I skipped my hari raya turn last year. I was looking forward for the family picture…
  • I’m sorry that I’m angry at you because you won’t be home when I already bought my ticket for hari raya this year.
  • I’m sorry for never saying my thank yous on time.
  • I’m sorry I got angry because you gave me a red kancil instead of a yellow jimny.
  • I’m sorry I laughed at your kasut sekolah putih bata.
  • I’m sorry I didn’t go to the hospital as soon as finished doing banking on Monday. I went to get my eyes checked for Lasik instead.
  • I’m sorry I didn’t spend enough time with you.
  • I’m glad that Khadeeja and Ameena got the chance to meet you.
  • Don’t worry about Mami. We’ll take good care of her.
  • I kno you don’t like to talk a lot about feelings but I would like you to kno that I love you so much.

And so he went…

… peacefully on the 4th of May 2009 at 10.08pm, with his family holding his hands…

According to the doctors, it was cancer. The cancer burst, from his usus, affecting his liver. Due to his age, it only took a few hours for the cancer to spread.

No, I’m not okay but I’ll be fine.

I would like to thank those whose prayers have been with us.

1926 - 2009

1926 - 2009

Haji Hamdan Awang,

You were a good Grandfather and a GREAT man.

It was a privilege to have known you.

And it is an HONOR to be a part of you.


Tired and tireder

… if there’s such word…

I’m back in KL since yesterday. Travelling with a 2 year old is really, really, really tiring. Khadeeja didn’t stop jumping until before the plane took off. We went up and down the travelator/escalator a few hundred times. Kurus aku di buatnya.

The Don is in KL. We called SOS International and flew him to KL by air ambulance. I get to ride with him in an ambulance from the hospital to the airport. Damn fast those ambulance driver! That’s my new ambition. To become an ambulance driver. Also because of the fancy lampu nenong-nenong on tthe van… OooooOOoooo… Liiiiighhhhtttttssss!

I have a few topics to write (American Idol, cloth diaper, lasik…) and will do it tomorrow. Next friday is Baby K’s birthday. She’s going to be 2 and I can’t believe it. They really grow up fast. Too fast… Iskiskisk… Si Amoi is 3 months and Baby K’s 2… Iskiskisk… And before you kno it, they will be telling you ‘mom, friendship bands are sooo old skool!’…. I cannot do this… HUWAAAAAAAA!!!!!

I just started watching HOUSE. What a brilliant characther! The script is just excellent… Will write more on it as well. For now, selamat malam! Kepada yang bekerja tomorrow, selamat bekerja! Aku cuti besok… Heheheehee…