Stupidicus Bahstahdos

I’m pretty good at managing my temper nowadays. I think ever since I stopped smoking and drinking vodka and took up knitting, I’m more calm… No… I just wanted to say that… The smoking and vodka thingy at least. But it’s true. I am relatively calmer since knitting.

But this morning, I snapped, yet again.

It was (and still is) a good morning. I woke up early, took off from my house around 6.50am, and thought it will be a good day for me to listen to the new audiobook I downloaded. So I went ‘cruising’ in the highway. Going not more than 90km/hour in the middle lane. I was soooo into the book I didn’t realize the car behind me was flaring the highlights like nobodys business. At first, I thought I was really really slow. And then I noticed that I was in the middle lane. MIDDLE LANE!!!!! And so, instead of going over faster, I continued my ignorance and cruised. The driver started flashing his highlights asking me to either move over or go faster. BANGANG! Sila ikut kanan jika ingin memotong!!!!!!!! I didn’t even flinched… Didn’t move a bit… He then revved up his fugly car and move to the right lane as if he’s going to eat up my car. I can feel his glare going through my window before he went away.

My biggest problem with my temper is the cussing. I’m proud to say that I did not cuss at all at the dude. However, I did say something like “I hope you die and burn in hell!” in my head… Heh… Phew! Whatever it is, to those drivers he thinks they own the road, KIRI; perlahan, KANAN; laju…

And just for the ladies, feast your eyes… How I wish I’m the rope. ;-p

David Beckham for Emporio Armani

David Beckham for Emporio Armani

4 thoughts on “Stupidicus Bahstahdos

  1. Aida says:

    tu jek yg mampu aku lafaz kan buat ko…
    org ‘gila’ mcm tu memang byk kat jalan raya di M’sia ni…
    ntah naper, mereka rasa mrk jek byr road tax…

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