I prefer Jacob Black

I’m reading (or rather listening) to Breaking Dawn’s audiobook now. I now prefer Jacob Black better than Edward Cullen. Can’t wait for New Moon the movie to come out!

New Moon

New Moon

13 thoughts on “I prefer Jacob Black

  1. elly says:

    hi ziah! seriously, jacob better than edward?!! i havent read any of the books but cant wait for the movie too!!

    confession: i just saw Twilight a coupla days ago (for the first time)!!! huhu

  2. ideserveabreak says:

    i cant wait for new moon too…the trailer looks good! im still torn between edward and jacob…haha…

  3. I LOVE Jacob Black, too!!!

    I have the complete Twillight book series, and I must confess Jacob Black character is more alluring. By this time, I’d already thought that Edward is too stoic and Bella is a boob!!

    Still hooked on vampire stories? Try reading the Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. It is WAY cooler than Twillight!

  4. naziah says:

    Elly: Seriously… Edward is only the hero in the first book. Jacob Black is th dark and dangerous one. YUMMY!

    Rina: Almost everyday I watch the trailer. Macam best la (judging by how Jacob suddenly turn into a wolf.. heh)

    BL: I totally agree. I tot Edward is too mushy2.

  5. elly says:

    ziah!! am totally hooked on it now!! l just finished new moon. now to grab twilight! silapla, i shud have started with twilight. a friend said twilight is the best of all 4.. hehe
    u got the ebook of any of them? can email ka? 😉

  6. Carla says:

    Hiii !

    I had finished to read the 3° book
    and i love jacob, is soy sweet and beauty but anyway i prefer Edward Cullen
    he is perfect man for me all the time !

    Now waiting for NEW MOON

  7. Hello¡¡ amm poes…. a mi me encanta Taylor… es el mejor.. jaja
    apart.. esa moee liindo… 😀 ii.. es KARATEKA¡¡¡¡¡ jajajajajaja…
    i moee inteligente… shaoo shaoo

  8. Isabel says:

    I read the whole twilght saga and I prefer Jacob Black too !!! He’s so hot ! And Jacob and Bella are so nice together ! I think it’s a great couple , isn’t it ? Unfortunately Bella chose Edward … when Bella was falling in love with Jacob , Edward came back … ! I’d like to see Bella and Jacob together but I ‘ve just read Breaking dawn and so I know they won’t … =( kiss from Tay’s fan … from Rome

  9. I love new moon and let me be the billionth person who has to say I much rather go for jacob then edward any day! he’s so cute..but is his tattoo real because it brings more bad boy type to em..iluv it

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