Onde mondeeee!!!!

Onde mondeee!!!

Onde mondeee!!!

If you want to stop supplying Malaysia with tenaga pekerja, go ahead! Kasi la makan sama rakyat mu yang berjuta-juta tu sendiri!!!!!

I’m a little bit pissed with the statements coming out from Indonesia punya government nowadays. With all due respect, this is going to be one nasty post. So I apologize first should anybody feel like I’m being too emotional (or too direct… SO WHAT?!).

First, it was the compulsory off day for the maid. Astaganaga… Of course la we give our maids off days. When I don’t let them out on their own, it doesn’t mean that they are locked inside the house, buat kerja 24/7. There are days where I will let my maid just sit around and do nothing at home (usually this is when I will bring the kids out). Bila aku tanya dia, ‘Kau mau keluar jalan-jalan?’. Dia punya jawapan, ‘Tak mau Kak. Nanti saya hilang di culik orang. Lagipun mau simpan wang, bukan mau belanja.’. Jawapan yang sangat bagus. Bila sudah keluar, nanti makin banyak la social problem created. Prostitution, pregnancy, lari dari majikan… etc… Lepas tu, kalau sudah orang yang kita jamin tu buat hal, kerajaan will issue a new statement; sekiranya pekerja asing anda mencuri/merogol/hilang/dibunuh anda akan dikenakan kompaun… Wanna bet?

Secondly, pasal statement kerajaan Indonesia ‘threatening’ to stop supplying us with maids. Pak Presiden, kamu nggak bagi orang kamu masuk Malaysia legally, orang kamu masuk Malaysia illegally. Orang kamu lagi sanggup mati di lautan, daripada tinggal di tempat sendiri kerana nggak punya wang untuk beli sesuap nasi! My advise to you Mr President, is to make sure all your borders are covered and no ‘leak’ from your side…

My mom’s new maid just arrived last Saturday and she told me sekarang, semua maid agency di Indon di tutup sementara waktu. She said it was because of the Manohara case and also sebab maid yang didera. I agree that a few bad cases makes our country looks like downtown Bronx but they forgot to mention the crime rates that are/were caused by the Indonesians in Malaysia. Lebih banyak kes-kes curi/rogol/bunuh yang berlaku daripada kes penderaan yang ada. I’m not condoning those who dera their maids (sudahlah orang tu tolong kau buat kerja, ini kau mau dera lagi. Dumbass!), but I’m just saying there’s always the other side of the story in any situation.

Ok… I’m all done with the rantings. Back to knitting to cool down all this anger…

HAPPY MONDAY everyone!

p/s: “Onde monde” is an expression like ‘astaga’ or ‘oh no’ used by orang Padang.

7 thoughts on “Onde mondeeee!!!!

  1. noordinarymomster says:

    hmmm this is one issue i don’t feel like writing about. same old same old kan? it’s only ‘them’ that gets the attention & the protection… boring betul!

  2. Uiii, onde mondeee nyeee si Mina ya.Gerammm ati ku nanggar ehhh (keluar dah bahse ibunde).

    Moral of the story kan Jiah, smua urang ada sedikit gila.Baik majikan, the maid or even governing parties.Kalau ikut naluri,memang nak dudok umah jaga the kids, but when there is beban kewangan, what to do….

    Susahhh susahhhh.

    Although, having maid dari Hang Li Po country is a bit scary.Back in the 80’s, most of the maids are malaysian…now dah tak standard dah kot jadi orang gaji…i’d like to be a nanny though (seperti itu cerita NANNY DIARIES).ha ha ha

  3. Rad says:

    Could it be that the Indo Gov is just showing off? I bet the contract with Dubai or other oil states is really booming right now, hence the haughty statement. selling cheap labour is really lucrative, we should have started this a long time ago. :))

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