Some call it ‘Mary Jane’ and some call it ‘Corabeth’. I named the shoe BèbèMeena…

BèbèMeena Rainbow

BèbèMeena Rainbow


BèbèMeena Rose

BèbèMeena Rose


Kaki model yang gendut... Heh...

Kaki model yang gendut... Heh...

 Currently I’m trying to design baby boy bootees. I’ll put up pictures once I figure out how I want to knit it…

11 thoughts on “BèbèMeena

  1. boy punya kena tutup sampai atas sikit. minus the bunga and pearl button. ganti dengan butang biasa je.
    lepas tu aku booking satu kaler navy blue. boleh?

  2. Rad says:

    BebeMeena really is the most befitting name for these little cuties!

    Do write about what you feel when you tackle the task of knitting booties for boys. It’s really dull, in my experience. I know the choices of colours are basic or bold and you don’t get to be adventurous with your artistic skills. Nevertheless, i must say it’s a lot faster knitting them for boys, and cheaper! no worries abt embellishments whatsoever.


    P.S. I’m amazed how many ‘big kids’ out there who would want Corabeth in their size. I’ve only knitted them for my daughter and my mom. Maybe you could try that out, how’s that for an idea? all the best!x

  3. wahh wahh… tak sangka ziah.. i’ve been out of commission for the past week ++ due to my kids and me own health..

    damn impressed with the bebemeena’s… can i pre-order 2 sets to be ready by say oct-nov. am feeling that the one inside is a gal… but will be able to confirm next week insya ALLAH

  4. ideserveabreak says:

    hey, that is so cool okay? i wish i could knit too. cant wait to see the designs of the baby boy booties, am interested if you’re taking orders!! 😀

  5. naziah says:

    Tq… Tq… heh…

    Orders? I have to complete my Grandma’s cardigan first before I could take any orders. Hopefully by next month, I can start designing new patterns for girls as well. Right now I’m trying to ‘imagine’ the baby boy bootees. I have a lot of blues and browns in my head but I want to do something more vibrant and hip-hoppish. 🙂

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