Kepada sesiapa yang berhasrat untuk mencuri parking ku, akan ku;

  • Calar kereta mu dengan kuku ku yang ala2 wolverine ini.
  • Cabut tayar kereta mu (or at least penutup tempat masuk angin tu).
  • Cabut wiper kereta mu.
  • Buat announcement ‘will the owner of the car, registration number *******, remove your car from the parking space. Your car is blocking the way’…

Don’t underestimate me because I WILL DO EVERYTHING ON THE LIST ABOVE!!!!!! Bloody dumbasses…

4 thoughts on “Achtung!

  1. naziah says:

    Aida: Sabar itu separuh dari iman… Fuh! Fuh! Fuh!

    Tatum: It’s me against the whole driving population in KL… Sigh…

    Popye: FUH! FUH! FUH! FUH! I wonder how would you react to this???? 🙂

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