I feel like smoking

I kno it’s not healthy but I just feel like it…

Don’t start giving me the ‘bad-smoking-lecture’ now. I am well aware of the facts. I have smoked before (no need to be hypocritical here). But I’m not a regular or chain smoker. I only smoked when I feel like smoking, which will only happen like once a year. My last cigarette was in 2008. I didn’t even finish the whole box… Maybe I’ll just skip this year… Maybe I won’t… Heh… If my children are reading this post bila diorang besar nanti, please don’t think I am allowing you to smoke. I still think smoking is not healthy…

6 thoughts on “I feel like smoking

  1. My husband smokes.Konon quit.7 bulan jer asap-free.Then he picked up the habit again.Besides doing the poketku-berlubang kinda way to curb his smoking ways, adelah skali I picked up the cancer-stick and puff away in front of him.Terkejut beruk mamat tu.Tau, takpe.hahahahaha.Tapi lepas tu aku gak yang semput batuk cam orang kene TB.Adoih.

  2. I recently quit coffee (read: still consuming caffeine in tea and soda though) and it make me feel like smoking again! not gewd not gewd! Luckily my husband is very strong for me.. and having the innocent 2 yr old around 24/7 also makes me stronger. phew.. although I’m so planning to smoke rokok daun in Pasar Payang later! hehehehe… anyways.. sorry to menyampuk like this.. you probably don’t even know where I came from LOL

  3. naziah says:

    Liz: Hello! Thanx for reading my nonsense…

    Pye: Err… Sudah… Sebatang Sampoerna sudah cukup untuk aku. Hehehehehhehehe….

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