Di suatu ketika dulu…

Ina and I @ library 1995

Ina and I @ library 1995

“You must be one cool person in school!” Someone told me this last week. I told the person, “No, I wasn’t actually”…

What I was in sekolah rendah:

  • I made my Ketua Darjah cry in standard one ( I was the penolong ketua darjah).
  • I wanted to be a volleyball player so that I could do ‘samersot-berpusing’.
  • I was a bully (I would like to apologize to a particular person for those harsh years she had to endure… CCK, I’m sorry…).
  • I made good if not the best of friends I’ve ever had (you kno who you are!).
  • I was an athlete and a good student (hence me getting a scholarship to TKC).

In sekolah menengah:

  • I was the exact opposite of me in sekolah rendah.
  • I was hardly in the highlight.
  • I was good in most of the activities (dancing, sports) but never the best.
  • I was in love.
  • I was busy writing letters to my friends from other schools (especially boys schools… heh… Gatal but never gedik ok?!).
  • I met my life partners /sisters/families here.
  • I made it to the ‘buku disiplin’ at the tender age of 14! Jangan tanya apa aku buat…
  • I used to cut people’s hair. I’m still very good at it.
  • I was not well-known to the seniors/juniors.

As far as I could remember, in my eyes, I was just a normal teenager, fighting a war with jerawat and enraged love hormone… I was never cool… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Di suatu ketika dulu…

  1. noordinarymomster says:

    hmmmm… i was the total opposite too when in sekolah menengah! sekolah rendah la zaman kegemilangan… 😛

  2. darling, i’ve got about 5 drafts in my blog about our primary school experiences and I assure u, u were one of my coolest friends ever.

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