Not another tattoo story!

Yes… I LOVE TATTOO! If I can have tattoos, my whole tangan will definitely be a storybook. Just for Ms Tatum, here’s a picture of my left arm now;

Courtesy of Dragonfly @ Ikano

Courtesy of Dragonfly @ Ikano

 As much as I love tattoos, I’m glad mine is not permanent. I get bored fast…

5 thoughts on “Not another tattoo story!

  1. This is a beautiful henna art, definitely! And rose is my favourite of all flowers. Do they have henna art books for sale there? I’ll try to get you some on my next trip to his holy land if you want them.

  2. fren-fren, ko belajar la pelan2 jadi henna artist. it’s such a big thing here in the summer and they even apply it with silver/gold gels. Kids as young as 7 are so good at this art at Frankenstein’s holy land. I don’t remember you liking Arts masa kita kecil2 dulu bah, but i’m sure Cikgu Tony is so proud of u if he sees your arts. i could only draw smiley faces lol.

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