I give the movie…

… an A-

Having said that, it’s better than I imagine it would be.

I won’t spoil it for those who will be watching the movie (good luck getting the tickets if you still haven’t).

What I like about the movie;

  • Every single Ron Weasley’s scenes are funny!
  • I absolutely love the Quidditch scene.
  • Both Hermione and Ginny are getting prettier.
  • The scene in the cave, with Dumbledore and Harry, absolutely fantastic. It showed how powerful Dumbledore could get. For me, it was majestic.
  • Even Malfoy looked ‘suave’ in his expensive looking suits. Very Dracula-ish…
  • And I especially love the scene where Ginny tied Harry’s shoe for him. Sigh…

Basically, I love everything about the movie. I wouldn’t change anything at all. Maybe add up a few scenes from the book (like Hagrid carrying Dumbledore’s body – to get the heartbreaking/tears fountaning effect), and more on Harry and Ginny… The movie is 180 minutes long tho. If you wanna bring ur kids, make sure they are fans of HP. Otherwise, they will get tired and sleep the through the movie.

So, was it worth my annual leave today? ABSOLUTELY…

Peanut forgetting the skin!


HUMBLE… You must always remember to be humble…

The story goes;

4 well-off girls, not more than 17 years old, discussing with each other about where to eat.

Girl1: You! Why would you want to eat KFC! Eeeewwwww!

Girl2: Yah! I feel like eating Sushi.

Girl1: Sushi? Sushi King? The best Sushi I’ve ever had was when we went to Osaka. Blaaa…Blaaa.Blaaa…. Whale Sushi… Bla…Blaaa

Girl3: I feel like eating at Tony Roma’s. It feels as if we are eating in New York seating in there (I swear she was instantly daydreaming about New York!).

Girl4: Ok… Since we all cannot decide, which is more expensive? Sushi or Tony Roma’s (what a dumbass question…).

After that, they got out from the lift and I decided to stay in for a bit, afraid that I might jump and start spanking their ass.

Ndak sedar diri… Baru pigi luar negeri 2-3-4 kali sudah la acting as if they moved there and been living somewhere else since they were born. Even if it’s true, I wish they’d be more proud of where they are living now. I have friends living all around the world but once everyone balik Malaysia, all accents dropped. A certain goddess called me from Adelaide, proud as a peacock speaking in our native tongue. I was hoping for a ‘Helloi Maite’, and what I got was ‘Assalamualaikum, Ziah! Ok kitak?!!!’… Hehehhehhehhehehe… Maybe one of these days I should give her a surprise call. ūüėČ

Kepada rakyat-rakyat Malaysia yang rasa diri diorang best sebab pernah/masih tinggal di luar negeri, I envy your experience but please remember, jangan la lupa diri. Especially those yang kerja di luar negeri di bawah tanggungan duit tax payers… Meluat ok?! And to those yang ada $$$ lebih sikit daripada kita, orang kebanyakan ni, no matter how expensive the food you eat now, we all will be makanan giuk (giuk=cacing) bila kita mati nanti. The only difference would be, those giuk yang makan your body might be fatter and well fed than those yang makan badan orang lain. Heh…

Terima Kasih!

p/s: I wasn’t eavesdropping! It was an unfortunate event that I got to ride the lift together with those bimbos.

She’s growing up and I cannot take it!

Unrealistically in denial.

I took her for her first Tumble Tots session and she just refused to join the class… Cerita bergambar as shown below;

Sebelum kelas, saya sangat gembira bermain rumah-rumah di Toys R Us

Sebelum kelas, saya sangat gembira bermain rumah-rumah di Toys R Us


Kemudian, emak saya bawa saya pergi kelas dan cikgu itu kasi saya pakai nametag. Dia spell nama saya pun salah.

Kemudian, emak saya bawa saya pergi kelas dan cikgu itu kasi saya pakai nametag. Dia spell nama saya pun salah.


Saya menangis depan pintu sebab saya mau pegi tengok fish

Saya menangis depan pintu sebab saya mau pegi tengok fish


Setelah 30 minit, saya masih menangis, jadi emak saya pun bawa saya keluar tengok fish

Setelah 30 minit, saya masih menangis, jadi emak saya pun bawa saya keluar tengok fish

I’m not giving up yet. We’ll try again next week… Sigh… She kept saying ‘NO’ and ‘NO WAY’ to the teachers. Heh… Widie punya assumption dalam facebook¬†on the last picture is correct! How now? Anak ku suda besar and I’m not supposed to be sad, but I am!!!

Gone too soon…

The Jackson Jrs

The Jackson Jrs

I kno it’s the most covered story of the day(s), but Paris Jackson’s tearful goodbye was heartwrenching… I just hope the children will be well taken care of.

p/s: I dunno why people say they are not his children. Even if he is not the biological father, but he is the only father they kno. Besides, IMO, they somehow, look like him eventhough they are not dark skinned. They are not fair skinned either. So I hope the world just stop making assumptions. Those children are his, biological or not! Pity the kids…

Transformers and the pot who called the kettle black!

Peter Cullen aka the voice of Optimus Prime

Peter Cullen aka the voice of Optimus Prime

So I went to watch Optimus Prime in action last Saturday. I give the movie a C+. I kno… I kno… A bit too low for my favorite robodude but I thought the movie was just TOO DAMN LONG! Michael Bay could’ve shorten the transformation scenes. I don’t need to see 30 seconds of each robot changing from a vehicle to a robot. Kalau ada 20 robot, suda berapa minit tu… Isk… Let’s just backtrack. I want to tell you the ‘stories’ before me entering the cinema.

I went out from my house at 9.30am just so that I could get a seat for the 11am show at The Curve. I reached The Curve at around 9.50am, thinking the counter pun misti belum bukak punya la. Sekali tu, astaganaga, the counters were already packed with people. Ok la… Sebab¬† mau terlampau tengok Optimus Prime, berbaris la… In front of me was a young couple, obviously in love. I wasn’t eavesdropping but I couldn’t help listening to the girl complaining about each and every other girl who passed by them. One particular ‘complaint’;

Girl: Tengokla budak tu…

Boy: Yang mana satu?

Girl: Yang pakai tudung jarang tu. Baik tak payah pakai tudung kalau orang boleh nampak rambut dia.

Boy: Baju dia pun ketat jugak…

POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK! I was itching to give her a piece of my mind about baju dia. She wasn’t wearing tudung and the baju she was wearing, let’s just say, I kno wat size your bra is! And it was orange! She was wearing an orange bra! Ish!!!! I kno you don’t wear tudung but it doesn’t mean that you can berbogel in front of everybody!!!! I don’t understand how parents could allow their kids to wear something like that. Dia ingat dia cantik terlampau la!!! My anger was fuming, but it died down after I saw ‘SELLING FAST’ next to ‘TRANSFORMERS – 11am’. I got anxious…

After I got my precioooouuuussss (ala2 Smeagol) ticket, I sat in my seat with a smug smile on my face (because I got the best seat in the world – belakang and tengah), only to realize 5 minutes before the movie started, that I was strategically seated between two 5 years old boys who brought their robots(satu batalion punya robot okay?!) with them. Aiseyman…. Throughout the whole movie, they were making robot sounds, asking questions (Baba, kenapa kereta askar tu tak bertukar jadi robot jugak?), fell asleep in the middle of the movie… I especially enjoy looking at them when Megan Fox’s scene came up. You kno… The scene on the motorbike… Both boys had their mouth hanging open, so as their fathers… Hehehehehehehe… My advise to parents, please don’t bring the kids. The movie is too long and other people might not be able to enjoy the movie fully should your child ask questions and making robot sound throughout the movie. Unless you can control your kid, it’s fine with me… If not, don’t la… Please… 180 minutes of ‘woosh’ and ‘peng!peng!peng!’… Not good for those who wants to concentrate on the movie…

Orait my friends… Sesiapa yang mau join gue tengok HP on the 16th of July, let me kno. I AM taking an off day so that I could watch it on the first day (and the first show if possible). My sister and I tengah susun strategi to get the tickets as soon as possible. Yes… I’m a freak… Ne mam choahae (korean for ‘sukahati aku la!)!!!

Autobots, roll out!!!!

Ziyad Siddiqi Khan

My latest ‘toyboy’… Hehheheheheh….




Muka Mak nya di blur-blur sebab Mak nya ‘pemalu’…. Btw, the topi he was wearing, I made that! I am sooooo talented (don’t roll your eyes! It’s not easy to make especially when the maker is one who doesn’t have any patience in her bone!)… Zizie, congrats again. He is one good looking dude!

Monsters vs Igor

I watched both movies in one night. What an accomplishment for someone who can’t keep their attention to the TV for more than 45 minutes (that’s how long House’s per episode is). IMO, Igor is way, way funnier than Monsters vs Aliens. I dunno why there’s no big hoo-haa about Igor but it’s good. Maybe because the jokes are more towards sarcasm than funny.

Eva, Igor, Scamper and Brain

Eva, Igor, Scamper and Brain

Igor is a story about the Evil Scientists’ assistant who wants to be an evil scientist. It’s about an ‘Igor’ who wants to create instead of just pulling the switch. Apart from the usual rising-to-the-occasion theme, I am infatuated with Igor’s sidekicks; a suicidal immortal cat and a brain in a jar. Some funny quotes from the movie:

Dr Glickenstein: I will kill you and use your hunch as a road bump!


Igor: As somebody I loved once said: It’s better to be a good nobody, than an evil somebody.


Brain: Is french fries an idea?



Scamper: Do NOT yell at me…


B.O.B, Ginormica, Dr Cockroach & The Missing Link

B.O.B, Ginormica, Dr Cockroach & The Missing Link

¬†The only character I like in the movie is B.O.B. He’s funny and jiggly… A few scenes in the movie is funny (like Derek’s mother whose thumb was too short to reach the door knob… harharhar!). I thot the storyline was to flat and the movie was too short. Maybe because it’s a kid’s movie and kids don’t usually pay attention for more than 45 minutes (or watever duration is suitable for 3+). Some quites that I like:

Dr Cockroach: Might we ask for your name Madam?

Susan: Susan

B.O.B: No… We mean like your monster name. You kno, what do people scream when they see you coming? Like “Look out! Here comes…”

Susan: Susan

Dr Cockroach: Really?

B.O.B: Suuuusaaaan (spookily)! Ooh! I just scared myself. That is scary!


The Missing Link: She’s speechless.

B.O.B: She?

Dr Cockroach: Yes. We are in the presence of the rare female monster.

B.O.B: No way! It’s a boy! Look at his boobies!

The Missing Link: We need to have a talk…


My ratings for Igor is a B- and Monsters vs Aliens is a C.