Making sense…

So I finally get to watch my beloved gay Austrian funtertainer; Bruno. It was horrendous, funny like mad, graphically challenging, but at the same time making sense.

A quick summary about the plot. Bruno wants to be famous, so he’s finding absurd ways to get himself famous worldwide. It includes, trying the entertainment industry, doing charity by adopting an African buy, getting world peace, asking to be kidnapped by terrorist… etc… He even tried to be straight so that he could have a leading lady by his side! Sebenarnya banyak lagi (mungkinla) tapi I couldn’t take the pressure of wanting to hate him and loving him at the same time. Also because the second half was a tad boring.

Despite all that gay stuff, one scene caught my attention and I thought in was good. It was a scene where he tried to to get world peace by putting an Israeli and Palestine leaders in a room to interview them. Bruno was talking about ‘Humus’ in actuality, he wanted to say ‘Hamas’. So both leaders tried to educate him that ‘Humus’ is food and not Hamas. I couldn’t remember the exact conversation but it goes something like this;

Leader 1: Humus is a bread. It’s vegetarian. It’s made out of beans. It’s healthy.

Leader 2: Yes. We eat it, they (pointing to L1) eat it. It’s delicious!

Bruno: So you are saying you both agree that Humus is delicious and healthy?

L1 & L2: Yes!

Bruno: See? There’s a start!

Moral of the conversation? Why just look at the differences? Why can’t everyone look at the similarity instead? Hmmm…

Oraits… Gue mau solat Subuh. Today I have a packed back-to-back appointment. Did I mentioned anywhere that I ran over Comel the cat last week? Yeah… Broke his right hind-leg. Now bersimen. Nasib baik don’t have to go for surgery… In my defence, NOT MY FAULT! Usually, whenever I start my car, he will run away. I waited 5 mins before I undur the car, and that’s when I heard it yelling and felt a bump. Nasib baik la there was on Khadeeja in the car with me. Kalau full capacity, mau hancur jugak kaki dia… Today I’m gonna pick it up from the vet. Hopefully settled in with the simen already. Sorry Comel!

Oh! Btw… Bruno gets a C+ from me, alzough ich luv Bruno, but watching his kugels bounce up and down is not my idea of fun. Beware! Not for the faint-hearted!

On top of the mornin’ to ya!

AddEmoticons0091To make it even better, it rained! And I’m all nice and cosy here… On my bloody seat, in the bloody office. I should’ve brought the laptop back yesterday. And now, I kno I’m not supposed to say this  but, I AM HUNGRY! Damn the rain and the cold aircon!!!

Okay la… The family and I will be in Kuantan this weekend for our pre-raya visit, since we’ll be celebrating in KK this this year. I’m so looking forward to the food prepared by MIL. YUMMY!

Have a fantabulous weekend ya’ll!

So fast!

Tahu-tahu sudah masuk hari ke-5 kita puasa.

Hari pertama and kedua was great. Hari ketiga, gue melepek. First day puasa yang kena pegi ofis kan… Bukan lapar, tapi mengantuk. I think it was more of a caffeine withdrawal. Hari ke-4 and today I’ve decided to work from home. Trying to limit my time in the ofis bulan puasa ni. Selagi aku boleh buat kerja dari rumah, why not? Save cost jugak…

Setakat ni, tahap kerajinan mau masak sendiri adalah very promising. Tapi hari ni aku sakit pinggang (since semalam lagi), so nampak gayanya beli luar jak lah.

As for Obi Wan, akhirnya, the phone function finally went crazy. So I’ve decided to get a legal one from Maxis. Mahal? Not as much as the Sony Ericsson that I wanted. I’m going for 16gb 3Gs (monthly commitment RM155). It’s  RM1790. The Sony Ericsson is close to 2k. There goes my budget for a new everything else! Sigh… But I really, really love the iPhone. Khadeeja learn all the alphabets and numbers from Obi Wan.

Update budak-budak; Khadeeja makin pandai bercakap. No more ‘No Way’. Now she say ‘A-A-AAAH!’ (sambil goyang jari). Ameena punya gigi baru keluar separuh batang. Heh…

Ok doks! Sehingga bertemu kembali di lain rancangan, daaaaa!!!!

Apa masalah?

Baru hari tu aku nampak lelaki ni merokok dalam kereta di bulan puasa… Hari ni, gue busy bangun awal bawak bibik si Khadeeja pigi medical checkup, orang tu (a different orang lelaki), merokok sambil berjalan2 depan klinik. Muslim la… Muslim! How sure am I? Bila dia angkat talipon, dia bilang, ‘Assalamualaikum Datuk! Hari ni saya sakit…’

Apa yang lu mau buat belakang pintu, it’s between you and God. Tapi janganlah buat begitu depan orang ramai. Nanti masuk neraka kena berenang dalam air liur orang-orang yang berpuasa baru padan muka! Sickening (ala2 TKC) okay?!!!!

Sekian Terima Kasih

Lacey Leafy Bootees

Lacey Leafy Bootees

Lacey Leafy Bootees

Another new design I tried…

Bought a really really really fantastic book by Zoe Mellor. 50 designs for bootees, and I went crazy trying all sorts of new designs. I will put up more pictures once I finished them cute projects…

It’s called TOUCH N GO for a reason!

Seriously people… What’s so hard about ‘touching’ and ‘going’?????????? It’s not called ‘Touch N Go N take your own sweet time’ lane!

What now Naziah? What seems to be your problem this Monday morning? What? What? What?!

I don’t want to tell la. Not good for my blood pressure. Heh… But you kno how you always see people yang sampai tol, berhenti, tarik handbrake, slowly looking for their TNG card/duit, masuk kan kad TNG dalam wallet balik, pasang tali pinggang, check rambut dalam cermin… SELFISH! They don’t only waste their time, but other people’s time as well.

Ok… Selamat bekerja! This week I am busy, so I won’t be updating anything for a few days. So,

  • No, I’m not going for another operation.
  • No, I’m not pregnant. I’m just fat.
  • Yes, I am doing your son’s shoes Pye.
  • No, I haven’t started on your iPod touch sarung yet Jason.
  • Yes, I’m thinking about selling those nice BèbèMeena. I have a few offers from online stores for it.
  • Yes, the girls are fine, and yes, they are still under house-arrest. PARANOID MOMMY!


Muka marah...

Muka marah...

Khadeeja sekarang tengah sibuk belajar alphabet and spelling.

Khadeeja: C… A… T… CAT!

Mommy: Pandai!

Khadeeja: H…E…N… BIRD!

Mommy: Huh?!!!!

Khadeeja: T…I…G…E…R…


Khadeeja: OooOOOooo! Scawwwy!!!

Sebab gambar HEN tu lebih kurang macam gambar burung. Heeheehee… She’s 2 years old and she already knos the alphabets (not to forget the loyar buruk part as well). Sigh… Cepat betul masa berjalan.

Ameena punya update:

  • After kena tindik, makin bising mulut dia.
  • Still belum merangkak but dia merayap macam buaya very fast.
  • Very good appetite. She seems to like everything (including timun!).
  • Sudah pandai pilih orang but most of the time, she is friendly with everyone.
Buaya kecil...

Buaya kecil...

I also just got to kno my evil-half was in a fender-bender recently and her Ah Beng terpaksa masuk workshop. I hope you feel better Ah Beng! And Cat, take care…

Knit, lady, KNIT!

A lot of requests for knitted goodies but I only have 2 hands and not enough hours.

Here’s a few pictures of what’s been going down with the knitting…

This is called 'Gingham Shoes' due to the pattern.

This is called 'Gingham Shoes' due to the pattern.


BèbèMeena Funky

BèbèMeena Funky


MsOrange's Muffler for a special girl somewhere across the sea!

MsOrange's Muffler for a special girl somewhere across the sea!

 I did a few more projects but the main project (my Grandma’s cardigan) still belum siap… Jason, you just have to wait before I could knit you the iPod Touch cover (don’t ask… I’m pretty sure he’s Bruno’s friend… Heh…).