The Ingenious Bruno!

I bought GQ just because of him…

Must watch...

Must watch...

 An excerpt from his ‘Q&A’ in GQ;

Dear Bruno,

Is it okay for men to go “COMMANDO”?

Occasionally, but not zu often or you’ll end up having to play hacky sack mit your kugels juts to keep zem off ze ground. Personally, ich just leave off mein unterhoisen for appropriate occasions, like if I’m going to ze beach or if I’m vearing a kilt und zere’s a chance ich vill be photographed getting out of ein motorcar.

Laugh till your nose bleed my friends!

p/s: Some might not like him, but I find him annoyingly funny… 🙂


One thought on “The Ingenious Bruno!

  1. It’s like my reaction with ‘Borat’.Annoying, tapi gila lawak.Have not seen BRUNO yet, but waiting for it to come out on DVD, tak ndak tengok kat wayang, tak bley gelak over-over.But nothing could beat Jack Black’s “Nacho Libre”.Mmm, terasa mao makan jagong bakar.

    Kiss kiss hug hug small kiss small hug big kiss big hug
    x L

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