It’s called TOUCH N GO for a reason!

Seriously people… What’s so hard about ‘touching’ and ‘going’?????????? It’s not called ‘Touch N Go N take your own sweet time’ lane!

What now Naziah? What seems to be your problem this Monday morning? What? What? What?!

I don’t want to tell la. Not good for my blood pressure. Heh… But you kno how you always see people yang sampai tol, berhenti, tarik handbrake, slowly looking for their TNG card/duit, masuk kan kad TNG dalam wallet balik, pasang tali pinggang, check rambut dalam cermin… SELFISH! They don’t only waste their time, but other people’s time as well.

Ok… Selamat bekerja! This week I am busy, so I won’t be updating anything for a few days. So,

  • No, I’m not going for another operation.
  • No, I’m not pregnant. I’m just fat.
  • Yes, I am doing your son’s shoes Pye.
  • No, I haven’t started on your iPod touch sarung yet Jason.
  • Yes, I’m thinking about selling those nice BèbèMeena. I have a few offers from online stores for it.
  • Yes, the girls are fine, and yes, they are still under house-arrest. PARANOID MOMMY!

5 thoughts on “It’s called TOUCH N GO for a reason!

  1. Better a paranoid mummy than i-don’t-care-less mummy.seriously, with people dropping like flies due to AH1N1 there, you don’t want to risk it.Tapi masih gak makbapak sengal yang bawak anak tralala ke tempat sesak ie shopping malls.Anything happen to them (the kids), ambik ko tanggung sendiri!

    Anyway, kisses to the girls, and have a productive week ahead!

  2. regarding last point, yes.. i’m the same here. This summer anak dara aku suda pandai masak dan suda pandai sembahyang/baca quran dgn bapanya. Poket aku pun tidak banyak complain. 🙂

  3. Cat says:

    my sis also grounded the whole family as well.. not taking chances with her children especially. so you’re normal… (rare, but you are in this case)

    hey maybe u shd teach me knitting and we can open our own knitting business!!

  4. naziah says:

    yes… Ula & Co will definitely be good if we expand our business to knitting products… We’ll be like Tan Kim Hock + Martha Stewart (I dunno anyone famous who knits…) rich!!!!!! You serious? I can teach you…..

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