Making sense…

So I finally get to watch my beloved gay Austrian funtertainer; Bruno. It was horrendous, funny like mad, graphically challenging, but at the same time making sense.

A quick summary about the plot. Bruno wants to be famous, so he’s finding absurd ways to get himself famous worldwide. It includes, trying the entertainment industry, doing charity by adopting an African buy, getting world peace, asking to be kidnapped by terrorist… etc… He even tried to be straight so that he could have a leading lady by his side! Sebenarnya banyak lagi (mungkinla) tapi I couldn’t take the pressure of wanting to hate him and loving him at the same time. Also because the second half was a tad boring.

Despite all that gay stuff, one scene caught my attention and I thought in was good. It was a scene where he tried to to get world peace by putting an Israeli and Palestine leaders in a room to interview them. Bruno was talking about ‘Humus’ in actuality, he wanted to say ‘Hamas’. So both leaders tried to educate him that ‘Humus’ is food and not Hamas. I couldn’t remember the exact conversation but it goes something like this;

Leader 1: Humus is a bread. It’s vegetarian. It’s made out of beans. It’s healthy.

Leader 2: Yes. We eat it, they (pointing to L1) eat it. It’s delicious!

Bruno: So you are saying you both agree that Humus is delicious and healthy?

L1 & L2: Yes!

Bruno: See? There’s a start!

Moral of the conversation? Why just look at the differences? Why can’t everyone look at the similarity instead? Hmmm…

Oraits… Gue mau solat Subuh. Today I have a packed back-to-back appointment. Did I mentioned anywhere that I ran over Comel the cat last week? Yeah… Broke his right hind-leg. Now bersimen. Nasib baik don’t have to go for surgery… In my defence, NOT MY FAULT! Usually, whenever I start my car, he will run away. I waited 5 mins before I undur the car, and that’s when I heard it yelling and felt a bump. Nasib baik la there was on Khadeeja in the car with me. Kalau full capacity, mau hancur jugak kaki dia… Today I’m gonna pick it up from the vet. Hopefully settled in with the simen already. Sorry Comel!

Oh! Btw… Bruno gets a C+ from me, alzough ich luv Bruno, but watching his kugels bounce up and down is not my idea of fun. Beware! Not for the faint-hearted!

One thought on “Making sense…

  1. ideserveabreak says:

    haha..thats a really funny conversatio between L1, L2 and B. I was so curious about this movie when it came out after all the hype, thanks for doing a write-up about it. Will watch it now!! hehe

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