Balik dari cuti…

… kerja bertimbun-timbun.

Quick facts:

  • Raya was very quiet this year. No big celebration.
  • Travelling with 2 kids for 2.5hours confined in a small space is stressful (kejadian tarik rambut-gigit-rebut barang telah berlaku).
  • Gambar-gambar raya akan menyusul either hari ni atau besok.
  • Grey’s Anatomy season 6, not as what I expected, hence me saying it’s not very good.
  • I downloaded House tapi belum sempat tengok.
  • Khadeeja panggil Bapak dia ‘Abu’…
  • Ameena Bobot suda pandai sebut ‘Mama’, ‘Nenen’, ‘tatatatatata’.




Ada yang tersalah kata,

terkasar bahasa,

harap diampunkan.

Halalkan segala rezeki yang di beri.

Semoga Ramadhan ini, pergi dengan penuh rahmat dari Nya.

Semoga Syawal diterima dengan penuh keinsafan.

Salam Aidilfitri dari kami sekeluarga.

Hygiene, people. HYGIENE!

I always find those Chinese from China girls intimidatingly beautiful. With their flawless skin and legs up no the heavens, they all look like they belong on the runway.

But yesterday… Yesterday just spoiled every single mental image I have about them.

Di kala aku line up bayar groceries di Carrefour, I noticed the group of people in front of me. They were obviously foreigners as the men looked very much like Bae Yong Joon and the ladies were like mannequins. Not to say our local flavors doesn’t look that good but you can just tell lah they were not one of us. I noticed they were buying a lot of home stuff (sepit baju, hangers, baldi…), hence me assuming that they were students.

The 2 girls were a total opposite of each other. One was tall, tanned, long straight hair, and has got one of the most beautiful complexions I’ve ever seen. The other one looks like one of those Harajuku girls, exactly like a doll (fair, big eyes, long wavy colored hair). Cantik sungguh la mereka-mereka tu kalau mau dibandingkan dengan aku yang pakai seluar track, selipar jepun, t-shirt yang separa putih, separa Ribena (earlier that day Khadeeja tumpahkan Ribena on me and didn’t even bother to change). Sedang aku sibuk mengamati kecantikan diorang, tiba-tiba, the baby doll girl angkat tangan dia to touch one of the men’s face… ONDE-MONDEEEE!!!!!! Bulu ketiak panjang sebakul!!!!!!!!!!! Bukan yang macam 2 -3 hari ndak shave but full grown like 3 years did not trim type of panjang!

Lepas tu, aku pun taruk balik bihun kering yang aku plan mau masak di dalam bakul ksong di bawah counter…

Moral of the story: cantik macamana pun, kalau mau pakai stp (skirt/short tutup p****t) or baju sleeveless, mesti mau pastikan tiada bulu yang visible.

Sekian, terima kasih!

Littlepods SSC

I’m selling off my brand new Littlepods SSC for RM150 (retail RM199).



I just bought it last week di atas dasar jiwa boros ku datang mengacau. Sapa-sapa yang mau, let me know. Khadeeja doesn’t want to be carried around and Ameena prefers the pouch gendong.

Sekian. Terima Kasih!

Lagi-lagi cerita KFC

Aku: Combo A satu.

Cashier: Ok. Yang ini ek kak? Yang 9 ketul ayam ni.

Aku: Betul.

Cashier: *looking at the menu above sambil menggaru-garu kepalanya*

Aku: Yang free air soya tu.

Cashier: Akak rasa pinggan yang 2 keping tu free ke kena beli?

Aku: …..

Cashier: Sorry kak. Saya ni baru belajar nak jadi cashier.

Aku: Oh… Ok… *didn’t want to be nasty because she already looked as if she wanted to cry*.

Cashier: *still menggaru kepala sambil mencari mana-mana pekerja lain yang boleh di tanya*

Aku: Ada tak orang yang datang sini nak beli pinggan? Takde kan?

Cashier: Ye tak ye jugak. *sambil memasukkan 2 pinggan free dalam bakul KFC ku*.

And people say I’m being difficult… Benda-benda macam ni la yang buat mulut aku bergerak sebelum otak aku boleh befikir.

Don’t wake the sleeping dragon!

I snapped… I finally snapped.

Setakat sampai yesterday, rekod jiwa baik ku di bulan puasa tahun ni sungguh cemerlang. No fighting at the grocery store. No complaining or bitching about other people (not out loud at least). I was even  patient enough not to say anything when people cut line depan aku time bayar barang. Yes… It was glorious! I feel like a new person… until yesterday…



  • Jangan suka suppress orang!
  • Jangan pandang rendah terhadap budaya orang!
  • Jangan sekali-sekali menghina budaya sendiri!!!

Ini la orang melayu (mintak mahap banyak-banyak kepada sesiapa yang akan terasa)… Selalu ingat diri diorang satu level tinggi dari orang lain. “Takkan melayu hilang di dunia” konon. KONON!!!! Bahasa Melayu pun sudah hampir lupus, mana kan pulak bangsa melayu.

Sekian. Terima Kasih.

おくりびと – The Departures


Funny… Sad… Excellent!

I’ve been eyeing the DVD for a few weeks already but never really wanted to buy it. I was hoping someone (ehem… Cat) would actually own the DVD and I could borrow to watch. But after a very good review from my Aunt, I watched it last night.

It is a lovely story about a man who had a turnover. From city, back to small town after losing his job. And then, he found an ad in the newspaper, which says ‘working with departures’. He quickly assumed that it was a travel agency and accepted the job. Little that he knos, it was a funeral home.

No spoiler here. A must watch movie. I laughed hard and cried harder. In my opinion, preparing the demised for their final journey is probably one of the noblest profession. I went for Kursus Jenazah once, when I was doing my A-Level. It’s not easy. First and foremost, not for the faint-hearted, of course. Depending on the condition of the body, you must have a strong stomach. And I believe that, those who handles the dead, must respect the dead. No backtalking them bodies. No revealing personal info from the ceremony. A lot more lah that you have to prepare for.

And when The Don passed last May, I was very sad because I couldn’t help to prepare him for the last rite. The only thing that I managed to do was prepare his bath water. And I was also sad because other than my uncle and 2 cousins, non of my family members were there to kapan him. Everyone were on their way back to KK to prepare the kubur. As I sat on my seat in the plane, I made a decision to learn how to handle jenazah, from mandi to kapan, so that when the time comes, I will be able to lead it, and not just be a helper. I want to be the person who prepares my loved ones for their final journey. Insya-Allah… If God permits…

So, my friends, let’s take a minute (or in this case, 131 minutes) and humble ourselves by watching this excellent take on a profession, which sometimes have a stigma on it. I give the movie an A+!

Save the cheerleader, save the world!

Topik yang tidak related dengan Heroes…

As ya’ll kno, I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of ways to cut down domestic waste di rumah. It started with the reusable shopping bag, which I have to say is a big huge success, since I have only 3 or 4 stray plastic bags lying around at home. And then, it was the cloth diaper with Khadeeja. Initial cost was huge but it was soon forgotten when I realized I haven’t had to spend anything for her diapers for almost 3 months. And just this week, di sebabkan cik kiah datang mengadap, I started myself on cloth pad. 

I kno the biggest concern with cloth pads ni is leceh. Well my friends, nothing good in this world is easy! And the second issue will definitely be kebocoron. Setakat ini, I don’t have any accidents yang tidak di kehendaki berlaku. For the time being (sebab pad ku tidak cukup), I only wear it when I’m at home and still use disposable pads time kerja. Currently I’m using cloth pads from Bellaposh. In my opinion, one of the best I’ve seen in the market sebab the pad is layered with non-bocor material and it looks sturdy (is this correct word to use?) enough to hold all those O+… Heh…  

So how do we start? My advise; get 6 regular pads, and 2 night pads. Depending on how regular you change your pad, 3 day pad throughout the day, and 1 regular + 1 night pad (change before you go to bed) will be good enough. Bellaposh’s pads cost about RM33 – RM35 each. Other brands cost more but since I haven’t had the chance to try other brand yet (which I will once I have the budget), I’m not sure if there’s any difference in the quality. But buat masa ni, it is very, very comfortable. Disposable pads sometimes can cause itchy-bawah or melecet. And I really hate those gel pads. Susah betul mau cuci. Anyways… What was I saying again? Hmm… Oh! Cost… Yes…

Again, the same with the cloth diapers. I think sebab kita pakai pun sebulan sekali, and don’t really mind paying, for me, it is also for a healthier vah-jay-jay. Have I mentioned that it is damn comfortable? If you want to use it day and nite, there are a lot of stylish wet bags/pad bags available. Messy and leceh especially time kita not in the house? Once you get used to it or you have a ritual for storing used pads, it should be fine.

Pantyliner (Sugarliners from Tiny Tapir), Regular pad (Bellaposh from Little Haven), Luna pad (Bellaposh from Little Haven)

Pantyliner (Sugarliners from Tiny Tapir), Regular pad (Bellaposh from Little Haven), Luna pad (Bellaposh from Little Haven)

Where to buy? All online babystores have it. But if you want to see and touch first, go to Tiny Tapir store in Ampang Point (no Bellaposh there but they have other brands) and also Little Haven at The Curve. I also love Bellaposh’s cloth diapers. It’s not bulky and very easy to take care of!

Sekian saja tips penjagaan bumi untuk hari ini. Save the cheerleader, save the world! Woohoo!!!


Lagi-lagi issue pasal Indonesian maid.

My take on this:

  • Average gaji maid di Indonesia sendiri ialah Rm300 (some gets as low as RM200!). Paling tinggi aku rekemen untuk gaji maid, kalau mau ikut calculation yang betul, increase la at least 50% of the average yang diorang dapat di negara sendiri.
  • In return, instead of paying RM600/month, kita supply la barang-barang peribadi seperti sabun, shampoo, pad, makan, minum… Why I put this here? Sebab ada setengah majikan potong gaji bila beli barang-barang keperluan orang gaji. And bukannya kena beli tiap-tiap bulan pun!
  • Also, give them allowance to make phone calls back home monthly. Example; I put aside RM30/month for my maid to make calls back home. Kalau diorang ada handphone sendiri, kita tolong masuk credit RM30. If they need to use more, barulah kita potong gaji diorang. Sending sms is cheaper than calling!
  • So kalau kita betul-betul calculate;  gaji+makan+keperluan+call = RM600 (average cost).
  • Kesimpulannya, kita bagi gaji Rm450, tapi support barang-barang lain untuk diorang, sebab end cost dia pun sampai jugak RM600!

So how? Agree with me or not? Moral of the story kawan-kawan semua, kepada kita majikan, jangan terlampau berkira dengan orang yang tolong kita jaga anak, masak, bersih rumah. They help us, we help them. And for Kerajaan Indonesia, don’t be too greedy!

Sekian. Terima Kasih.