The Rainbow Connection

What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing? What do you think we might see?

– Rainbow Connection by Sarah McLachlan

Maybe I’m wishing to see the solution of my never-ending chaos… Sigh…

Budak-budak tengah demam… Kerja bertimbun di ofis… Camno? Camno?????

My concerns:

  • How to do work from home the whole week with the kids and without the Bibik. I mean I have another bibik (my mom lending me her bibik for a month. But Khadeeja still not on a very friendly term with her yet).
  • I have a lot on my plate with little time to do it (again!). I really have to do something with my planning.
  • I think I’m coming down with a fever. I can feel it seeping up in my bone. If I am going to be sick, I’d rather have it this week. End of next week the Bibik is going back for her holiday.
  • For Raya, we finally found a place to put the cats in for boarding. But firstly, have to vaccinate the kitties first… And then comes the $$$… 8 days x RM25(x5 cats)… Huwaaa!!! Ada sesiapa yang sanggup tolong jaga 5 ekor kucing for 8 days? I’m offering RM500…

And whoever wants cats, I have 4 beautiful cats to give away. Very speacial feature; they all have 6 toes on all kaki! The twins (2 cream-colored cats) cannot be separated. All of them are about 3 years old. My sister is moving back to KK and I’m taking 3 of the other cats she have (so I have a total of 5 ekor kucing di rumah). I have no more space for these 4 beautiful creatures. I would love to keep them all but I just can’t… Sobsobsob…

Bobby (female, grey), Snowy (male, short-haired cream), Legolas (male, long-haired ekor cream)

Bobby (female, grey), Snowy (male, short-haired cream), Legolas (male, long-haired ekor cream)


Oren (female, long-haired ekor)

Oren (female, long-haired ekor)

Email me if you want to bring them home…


6 thoughts on “The Rainbow Connection

  1. T_T Ziah, I know how it feels to give up your furbabies(well not all).Mudahan you’ll find a suitable owner who’ll love these 4 furbabies as much as you do.Amin.They are so teh comel okay!*geram*

    Babe, what can I say, bulan Ramadan lah paling banyak challenge.You know what they say,bawak istighfar banyak².Do hope you get well soon (if you’re now down with fever.Let’s hope not!Na’uzubillah), kalau iya pun, silalah minum air Cap Badak and my Bonda say, air kelapa gading (yang coconut warna kuning tu, bukan yang hijau bah) is good to keep the temperature down.

    Kisses to the bambini!

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