I have never been so glad that it is Saturday and I do not have to go to work! This whole week has been tiring and very trying in certain matters.

The kucings will be up for give-away today. A few of Abu’s colleagues will be coming over to take their pick. I don’t think I can do it (giving them away), but no choice…

A special request by Abu, to upload gambar kucingnya yang tengah tempang. I should change his name to House the cat. Heehee…


And just a quick one about the girls:

  • Both suda baik demam. I was psychotically worrying about them having any sort of sakit nowadays. It’s really hard being a mother…
  • Ameena suda boleh merangkak and now she wants to stand up terus.
  • Khadeeja suda start telling us when she wants to go to the toilet. Ada lah 2 -3 times this week dia mintak. She’s potty training herself! Yeay!




Ok… Have a chillaxin’ weekend with your loved ones!


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