Save the cheerleader, save the world!

Topik yang tidak related dengan Heroes…

As ya’ll kno, I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of ways to cut down domestic waste di rumah. It started with the reusable shopping bag, which I have to say is a big huge success, since I have only 3 or 4 stray plastic bags lying around at home. And then, it was the cloth diaper with Khadeeja. Initial cost was huge but it was soon forgotten when I realized I haven’t had to spend anything for her diapers for almost 3 months. And just this week, di sebabkan cik kiah datang mengadap, I started myself on cloth pad. 

I kno the biggest concern with cloth pads ni is leceh. Well my friends, nothing good in this world is easy! And the second issue will definitely be kebocoron. Setakat ini, I don’t have any accidents yang tidak di kehendaki berlaku. For the time being (sebab pad ku tidak cukup), I only wear it when I’m at home and still use disposable pads time kerja. Currently I’m using cloth pads from Bellaposh. In my opinion, one of the best I’ve seen in the market sebab the pad is layered with non-bocor material and it looks sturdy (is this correct word to use?) enough to hold all those O+… Heh…  

So how do we start? My advise; get 6 regular pads, and 2 night pads. Depending on how regular you change your pad, 3 day pad throughout the day, and 1 regular + 1 night pad (change before you go to bed) will be good enough. Bellaposh’s pads cost about RM33 – RM35 each. Other brands cost more but since I haven’t had the chance to try other brand yet (which I will once I have the budget), I’m not sure if there’s any difference in the quality. But buat masa ni, it is very, very comfortable. Disposable pads sometimes can cause itchy-bawah or melecet. And I really hate those gel pads. Susah betul mau cuci. Anyways… What was I saying again? Hmm… Oh! Cost… Yes…

Again, the same with the cloth diapers. I think sebab kita pakai pun sebulan sekali, and don’t really mind paying, for me, it is also for a healthier vah-jay-jay. Have I mentioned that it is damn comfortable? If you want to use it day and nite, there are a lot of stylish wet bags/pad bags available. Messy and leceh especially time kita not in the house? Once you get used to it or you have a ritual for storing used pads, it should be fine.

Pantyliner (Sugarliners from Tiny Tapir), Regular pad (Bellaposh from Little Haven), Luna pad (Bellaposh from Little Haven)

Pantyliner (Sugarliners from Tiny Tapir), Regular pad (Bellaposh from Little Haven), Luna pad (Bellaposh from Little Haven)

Where to buy? All online babystores have it. But if you want to see and touch first, go to Tiny Tapir store in Ampang Point (no Bellaposh there but they have other brands) and also Little Haven at The Curve. I also love Bellaposh’s cloth diapers. It’s not bulky and very easy to take care of!

Sekian saja tips penjagaan bumi untuk hari ini. Save the cheerleader, save the world! Woohoo!!!

18 thoughts on “Save the cheerleader, save the world!

  1. Anna Johan says:

    ziah…aku amat berminat nk pakai lampin dewasa yg boleh dipakai semula…heh…karang pas raya aku p carik…ko pakai ok kn stkt ni?? 😉

  2. bagus la ko ziah.
    aku bangga punye kawan mcm ko yg menjaga bumi bersungguh2.
    aku bab plastik shopping memang da takde.
    guna reusable bags jusco / giant.
    sampah –> still guna plastik bag… alamak!!!
    if not, kena hamun dek majlis perbandaran nanti aku…
    hi hi hi…

  3. naziah says:

    no stain (setakat ni)… you need to clean it under running water first. Make sure nothing melekat. After that, rendam la sekejap (3-5mins) dalam air sabun. lepas tu bilas… don’t use any fabric softener. it will have and effect on the absorption…

    anna, setakat ni, i find it very comfortable. try la!! heh

  4. Jaja says:

    on CD – shamil’s CD is already too tight for him..esp kat thigh area.hafta stop using..sayang plak nk jual..nk beli baru tunggu bajet dulu…khadeeja guna CD brand apa ziah?
    on CP – aritu beli suda ilang…aiyoo…

  5. naziah says:

    bellaposh and rumparooz.
    bellaposh ni design dia more suitable for asian kids sebab it fits nicely. rumparooz tebal sikit and berat. maybe shamil boleh muat. khadeeja x berapa suka rumparooz. ko nak try aku boleh bagi.

  6. Have you heard of the Diva Cup (or as I nicknamed it ‘Cooter Cup’)?Or as one viewer calls it ‘a shotglass for vampires’.I think it’s a nifty invention, but since I was never interested in tampons, let alone a cup inserted up the bajingo, hence you will never hear diri ini harping about the said cooter cup.

    On the other hand, awesome idea on the cloth pad.Zaman dulu, I was experimental with sanitary pads from your Laurier to Kotex to those Sanita pads (cloth pads).Saje nak experience.

    Hmm.I now shall surf for clothmodess (gua adalah pejuang cloth diapers walaupun belum lagi merasa status babymama).

  7. naziah says:

    yes… i went to Tiny Tapir shop yesterday and they have the ‘moon cup’ there. I dun think I’ll go for it tho. Like you, I have this big huge no-no to put any foreign item to my hoo-hoo. So cloth pads for now…

  8. Anna Johan says:

    beb…will the cloth pad lasts till men******?? o ia akan menjadik lusuh mcm baju2 lama then the power to absord lama kelamaan tidak menjadik?? **soklan bodo sikit..huhu

  9. naziah says:

    since we only use it a few days of the month, i think it should be good for 4-5 or even more years. i suggest hand wash if you want to keep the condition good. otherwise, it should last us a good 3-4 years atau sampai lusuh…

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