Littlepods SSC

I’m selling off my brand new Littlepods SSC for RM150 (retail RM199).



I just bought it last week di atas dasar jiwa boros ku datang mengacau. Sapa-sapa yang mau, let me know. Khadeeja doesn’t want to be carried around and Ameena prefers the pouch gendong.

Sekian. Terima Kasih!

8 thoughts on “Littlepods SSC

    • naziah says:

      Hi Brenda!

      RM150 is with postage.

      IMO, it is more suitable for toddlers. If your baby is still small, pouch or ring sling is better. But this is easier to use than a Mei Tai. And you just fold and chuck it in ur bag if u r not using it as it is not bulky.

    • naziah says:

      Hey Kah May

      Yes, it’s still available. If you want, you can just take it from my house but I’m going back to KK on Saturday. Where are staying? SMS me if you want the thing. 0178784008

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