Hygiene, people. HYGIENE!

I always find those Chinese from China girls intimidatingly beautiful. With their flawless skin and legs up no the heavens, they all look like they belong on the runway.

But yesterday… Yesterday just spoiled every single mental image I have about them.

Di kala aku line up bayar groceries di Carrefour, I noticed the group of people in front of me. They were obviously foreigners as the men looked very much like Bae Yong Joon and the ladies were like mannequins. Not to say our local flavors doesn’t look that good but you can just tell lah they were not one of us. I noticed they were buying a lot of home stuff (sepit baju, hangers, baldi…), hence me assuming that they were students.

The 2 girls were a total opposite of each other. One was tall, tanned, long straight hair, and has got one of the most beautiful complexions I’ve ever seen. The other one looks like one of those Harajuku girls, exactly like a doll (fair, big eyes, long wavy colored hair). Cantik sungguh la mereka-mereka tu kalau mau dibandingkan dengan aku yang pakai seluar track, selipar jepun, t-shirt yang separa putih, separa Ribena (earlier that day Khadeeja tumpahkan Ribena on me and didn’t even bother to change). Sedang aku sibuk mengamati kecantikan diorang, tiba-tiba, the baby doll girl angkat tangan dia to touch one of the men’s face… ONDE-MONDEEEE!!!!!! Bulu ketiak panjang sebakul!!!!!!!!!!! Bukan yang macam 2 -3 hari ndak shave but full grown like 3 years did not trim type of panjang!

Lepas tu, aku pun taruk balik bihun kering yang aku plan mau masak di dalam bakul ksong di bawah counter…

Moral of the story: cantik macamana pun, kalau mau pakai stp (skirt/short tutup p****t) or baju sleeveless, mesti mau pastikan tiada bulu yang visible.

Sekian, terima kasih!

15 thoughts on “Hygiene, people. HYGIENE!

  1. mun says:


    IF u pernah tgk the nude pics yg Si Edison Chan ambik of his so-called Girl friends (semua artis HK ok).. lagi la.. all the private bulus panjang2 n semak samun ok.. (alamak kantoi aku pernah tgk!)


  2. Aku ada juak encounter with bulu ketiak macam janggut orang masa di Beijing. Dah la perempuan tu pakai short sleeve, yg bestnya dia tour leader for a tour group. Habis semua org nampak. Aku tanya sama my Chinese Malaysian friend yg kebetulan was with me and apparently she said that itu mmg kebiasaan org di situ especially yg dtg dr kampung…hmmm tak tau lah…maybe its sexy???

  3. noordinarymomster says:

    Masa primary school dulu, I had a teacher just like that! She teaches pakai sleeveless top all the time, and when she lalu and lifts her arms, my god! Can still remember the expressions of fellow classmate! Haha.

    Maybe they don’t know the existence of tweezer, shaver, waxing, threading! Maafkanlah mereka. Hehe. Tapi sukalah how you thought of putting away the bihun back! 😉

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