I’m fine… I’m fine…

But the girls aren’t/weren’t!

Thanks for the smses/emails from those who are concern about my silence. I’ve been very busy with work and the girls. Ameena had fever last few days, which I think is due to her teething. She’s fine now. Khadeeja on the other hand is still not very well. She had a bit of fever but not as bad as Ameena. And after the fever cooled down, she started having diarrhea and vomitting. I kno she ate a lot of jellies which might cause the stomach flu. The weird thing is, she only vomits and have diarrhea in the evening. The whole morning through afternoon, she will be playing/jumping/screaming/eating. I’m not very worried about it because she still eats and drinks and after she vomits, she’s not lethargic. She just continues playing as normal. Malam saja la yang dia a bit restless. Maybe because perut dia kosong bila tidur… SIGH… Dunno wat to do anymore. I tried giving her ORS to replace sugar/garam/potassium in her body but she simply refused it. So I put a little bit of garam in her sirap. And give her bananas for potassium.

So friends, I am fine and will continue updating the blog regularly once I’m free.

p/s: I’m learning how to crochet. Damn it’s hard!

pp/s: I think House is hot! (This is totally weird because I only like eye-candy boys…)


2 thoughts on “I’m fine… I’m fine…

  1. mikael baru lepas fasa tumbuh-gigi-merengek-tengah-malam-sampai-aku-tak-tau-nak-buat-apa. selsema pun dah clear. alhamdulillah.
    harap bersabar dengan k and a.

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