When one book ended. A new one is on the way.

This is my last and final post from my seat here in the office. Today is actually my last working day with American Express. 7 years working for the same company proved that it is indeed an excellent company.

I don’t usually get too sentimental about leaving. The last time I cried leaving a place was back in 1995 when we ended our College life in TKC. The crying was unavoidable as I was leaving not only my home of 5 years, but also leaving the people who I eat, sleep, learned, played, breathed, grew up with.

This is equally the same. When you are in the presence of the same people for 7 years, even if you don’t see them day and night, you just feel like you lost a huge chunk of your life. I sent a ‘Thank You’ note to everyone in the company. I didn’t feel like saying goodbye. Because this isn’t goodbye. It just means that we don’t get to see each other often, but we will meet up outside of the office…

Unbroken happiness is a bore. It should have ups and downs.

– Molie’ve (1622 – 1673)


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