Allow me to wallow for a bit

I’m still sad about the whole career move.

I kno… I kno… If you are comfortable there why the hell did you resigned? That’s just it. TOO COMFORTABLE. I got lazier and lazier every single day. If I don’t jump at the golden opportunity in front of me, I bet I’ll be sitting my ass off there until I retire.

So what was the hardest thing that I had to do yesterday? The walking around saying my goodbyes was not my favorite part but since I still get to seee my friends, it was those whom I was so used to be seeing everyday I’m gonna miss terribly. But the worst part was deleting all my files and stuff from the company’s laptop. All my work, my projects… Sigh…

So what’s next? I told a few friends about the plan. We (my family) will be opening our own businesses in KK. No, I’l still be in KL since Abu is still attached here. I’ll be commuting KK-KL until Abu decides to join us there. Not to worry. Like one of my friend in Hong Kong said, ‘eventhough we are so far away, I feel that you are very near to me since we have FB and blogs to keep up with each other’.

I’m still sad but I guess we never should regret whatever decision we made.


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