Culturally religious

Another excellent conversation with a stranger.

Stranger: Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude but can you are not a ‘Malay Muslim’ right?

Aku: EH?! What gives?

Stranger: You are too colorful. You must be a ‘native Borneon’ or ‘Indonesian’ or ‘something else’ Muslim.

Aku: I’m a native Borneon Muslim. I’m a Murut from Sabah.

Stranger: I think what you are wearing now is very nice. You just eliminate the usual stigma people have in Muslim clothing. You kno, the  usual dark colored clothing.

Aku: Thank you!

Stranger: And you are not afraid to show people your cultural background. You should keep this up!

Aku: Err… Ok…

And I think all of you are wondering what I wore yesterday right?

Colorful Me

Colorful Me

 I think this whole thing is because of the red + green clashing and also my beaded bracelet and red bag with green crocs…


10 thoughts on “Culturally religious

    • naziah says:

      Yes… An old Austrian dude with his wife and his son… I think dia misti academician… Otherwise he wouldn’t use ‘native borneon’ specifically.

  1. Jason David says:

    Thank god he stopped there…should he have continued i am certain you would have snapped at him at some point……on a different note you do look colourfull.

    • naziah says:

      i actually didn’t mind… he gave me a compliment and i am proud of my heritage, although i don’t speak shit the language or own the traditional costume. Maybe I shud get one!

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