Etika ketika memandu – Naziah Nawawie is always right!

  • If I’m driving slow (-er than my usual speed lah!) and people behind me start highlighting, I will look at the speed-o-meter, and if I’m well above the speed limit, I will relax and ignore them and let them potong ikut kiri. Why do I need to move? I’m already breaking the speed limit there. What’s your hurry???? Mengejar cita-cita mu yang belum kesampaian is it? Is it? IS IT????!!!!
  • If I’m driving fast and the car in front of me is slow, I will definitely look at the speed-o-meter again. If the car is going slower than the speed limit, the honking and highlighting begins. Followed by the extreme glaring while memotong ikut kiri. Why so slow??? You forgot there’s this thing called ‘FOURTH GEAR’ is it? Is it? IS IT??????

So now you kno, there’s always a way to explain why I do what I do. Not road rage, but plain simple explanation. I do not have temper issue! I certainly don’t need to go to any anger management classes. I have my knitting and sewing to calm me down. All those idiots who drive slow/fast or steal people’s parking can go to hell!!!!!!!

p/s: parking ku di curi lagi… Sigh… Do I look like I’m a helpless damsel in distress? I have a black belt in Taekwondo and I am sooo not afraid to key the car… People never learn that looks are deceiving.


3 thoughts on “Etika ketika memandu – Naziah Nawawie is always right!

  1. lol. i agree with your second bullet point.
    another irritating driver would be you’re in the fast lane… then driver A struggle tak hengat nak potong in front of you… and then deliberately drives macam siput and leaves gaps sebesar alam until three cars can actually cut in front of the stupid driver… and you end up being much further at the back of the line. wth! they think the right lane is for cruising ka? benci benci benci orang macam ini!
    (which is why if you notice during jams the right lane sungguh lembap because of these kind of people… and why people resort to cutting queue in the first place… betul tak? mwahahahahahha)

  2. naz, nak tanye, where do u get your knitting supplies?
    i thot i wanted to try my hand at knitting a blanket for my dot, the one she lugs around is too big, and my mom is too busy to make one for her.
    if you don’t mind me asking, that is =D

    • naziah says:

      subang parade, lily handicraft. They even teach you how to knit for free, provided you buy the stuff from them. So far, itu je la tempat yg i tahu yg u can buy the stuff and learn how to knit.
      warning: it’s addicting…

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