Gossip Girl

Should I start?

I tried watching the first episode once and half way thru I fell asleep. But that was way back when I was heavily pregnant. I’m running out of things to watch. I’m so up-to-date with my usual programs (House, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Supernatural, CSI Vegas). I’m contemplating if I want to download Ugly Betty or not. I loved the previous season (3… Marc and Amanda got super-hilarious in it). Now, atas desakan ramai, I think I’m going to start watching Gossip Girl.

Is it worth my time people???

4 thoughts on “Gossip Girl

  1. Aisha says:

    Gossip girl is just something you watch to kill time, but’s OK if you miss it. He he he. We saw Ugly Betty two season premier last week and it was great! Lots of drama. We are also hooked on this show called “Glee”, which I think you will like when it comes to Malaysia. Something like a musical cum teen soap opera, but a bit more adult than High School Musical with better story line.

  2. saya rasa baik anda menjahit lah puan naziah. rasanya gossip girl terlalu cheesy (saya cuma tonton beberapa episod sahaja dan tidak berminat).
    tapi, ini hanya pandangan saya.

    p/s: kenapa ayat saya sangat skema ye?

  3. I tried watching GG , for the sake of being a tv-statistic.By the time Blair Waldorf prances around in her big-ass bow hairband, I’m halfway to becoming mayor of crazy town.

    Here are two stories that’d fit your personality (and mine to a T).
    1)NURSE JACKIE–Now, if Dr.House would have a secret lover, it would be her.Watch, you will love it!!Snarky has never been sexier!

    2)GLEE–because you and I are poptarts.Fabulous poptarts that is.It may be the stereotype jocks vs geeks,BUT it’s what I imagined if Disney’s High School Massacre goes R-rated you know.

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