Too late!

I never thought I’d say this but I’m hooked on Gossip Girl. It’s one hell of a scary bitchy show…

I think Serena’s character is too weak.

I think Dan is cute (so what??? I like ’em nerdy.)

I think Chuck is a tortured soul.

I think Nate has got beautiful eyes but he’s too pretty for my liking.

I think Jenny is dumb.

I love Blair! That’s what a bitch should be like. Strong and confident.

And I started watching Glee as well. That’s an A+ show. A must watch for those who love music.

4 thoughts on “Too late!

  1. I’m starting to get hooked on Gossip Girl too…but I missed the first season, so now a bit in the dark. Anyway, just watch it for fun, like 90210. I love Blair & Chuck. I think Serena is too flaky and Nate is just too gorgeous!!!

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