And the moon rises to its glory

So does Jacob Black… Beautiful, beautiful boy… SIGH!

I must admit that Edward is the IDEAL romantic man, but I still prefer the bad wolf boy. I have this weakness for native men. In my humble, humble opinion, they have the most scenic (if I may use this term) skin color. And not to mention the hair… Beautiful black vidal sassoon hair… Picture this —> NUNO BETTENCOURT! Nuff said about those beautiful (4th time I used this term in this post…) red Indians (it’s not offensive to use this term, right?).

Back to the movie, truth be told, I only give it a B… Why? Apart from those crazy wolf transformation CGI, I felt that the movie was too short. Not a lot of scenes between Bella and Jacob actually. 1/3 of the movie was focused on how Bella was pining for Edward. But then again, it’s the same with the book… So I won’t comment on that. All those Twilight fans would kill me if I say nonsense about the books/movies.

What I like about the movie? The half naked wolf pack of course! Sam and the others are just a relief for sore eyes (or just lasered eyes. heh..). Would I recommend it to the rest of you? Yes, if you are a fan and have read the book (otherwise you won’t understand much). No, to Cat, because she will just roll her eyes from the start to the end… Marina, Benny, you must go. LOVE THE ABS babies! Love the abs…

Geng Kasut Merah

I took this picture a few months back. Baru terperasan aku belum upload anywhere…

A quick update about us;

Geng member #1:

  • Gigi sudah ada 4 1/2 batang
  • Makan apa saja yang boleh di makan
  • Berani jalan lepas tangan. 1, 2 steps and then dia duduk
  • Suka kacau kakak  dia
  • Almost 10 months, rambut masih belum banyak
  • Pandai   ‘angkat telefon’

Geng member #2:

  • Her vocab is getting better and better (hey mommy! what u doing?)
  • Her favorite musical instrument is a violin and I found a toy violin in Tesco (harga violin plastik tu RM8.90)
  • Her favorite cartoon is Strawberry Shortcake (and mine too… I got the DVD cartoon SS 1980)
  • Her staple food is cereal and milk (favorite cereal is Honey Stars)
  • Refuse to sleep without her bantal, selimut and botol susu
  • Still pakai pacifier…

Geng member #3

  • Adjusting to life after office
  • Adjusting to life of doing things on your own
  • Adjusting to life of doing things on your own with 2 kids screaming at home
  • Refusing to pack anything until the last minute
  • Looking sadly at the cats because I won’t be taking them with me, but I want to
  • Wants a purple or light pink Toy Watch!

We’ll be going back to KK on the 5th Dec. If everything runs smoothly, shop will be open for business on the 15th Dec. Doa-doa kan lah semua berjalan lancar. But before we go, I’d like to set up a makan-makan session at my house. Dunno when, and if time permits, we only have weekdays to do it. I’ll be back in KL in January though for my eye check up and also for Abu’s restaurant opening. If we don’t meet up within these few days, we’ll surely meet up in January!

Ok… Need to mandi and go do banking and stuff…

On the roll!

I finished 2 quilt project this week.

Ziyad’s Raggedy Andy baby quilt:

I love the vintage kain very much. I still have one panel of Raggedy Ann… I think I’ll do one baby quilt for Ameena with it.

Abu’s quilt:

This design is called ‘Rosie’s Charm’. I took it from a quilting magazine. Easy to do because the patchwork is besar. I love the color. Makes me feel cosy and warm.

Now, I’m working on my own quilt since my favourite quilt (I have the bloody thing since 1996!) sudah koyak. Will put up the pictures once it’s done.

Cari pasal

Kadang-kadang, it’s difficult being parents.

My opinions:

  • Kalau anak kita balik rumah, kata; ‘Cikgu pukul saya’, the next question should be; ‘what did you do?’.
  • Kalau anak kita balik rumah, kata; ‘Saya tak mau pegi sekolah sebab kawan-kawan saya bilang saya gemuk’, kita kata, ‘Tak apa. Nanti bila besar sikit, kita diet’.
  • Kalau anak kita di tolak atau di pukul di playground, kita bawak lah anak kita main jauh sikit.
  • Kalau anak kita tolak atau pukul anak orang lain di playground, kita kata SORRY.

Kejadian di McDonald;

Anak ku di tendang oleh seorang budak lelaki yang ternyata lagi besar dari dia. Reaksi mak budak tu ialah, ‘BUDAK NI TAK RETI RETI NAK KE TEPI’, sambil menjengkelkan mata nya ke arah anak ku… And after that, all hell break lose…

Aku: Excuse me, you cakap anak I apa tadi? She’s 2 years old, and how old is your son? 8?

Dia: Hey! He’s 6!

Aku: Macam 8 tahun gemuknya! 6 tahun pun masih tak reti nak bertolak ansur dengan budak kecil? Anak you tu berkali-kali ganda besar dari anak I. Kalau anak I ada patah ke apa ke tadi macamana?! Lain kali, kalau nak buka mulut, tengok kiri kanan dulu!

Dia pun terus lari dari tempat tu… Mak bapak lain semua senyum saja dengan aku sebab anak dia memang was bullying the little ones there. Tak sampai hati aku nak marah anak dia sebab yang bangang dan macam suwey adalah mak nya. &*^%^&$^%#%&^$^%$*^%&*^!!!!!!

Pedoman cerita ini; kalau kita rasa anak kita paling bagus pun, not necessary for us to downgrade other kids… Mesti mau ingat, ntah-ntah, budak yang kita caci tadi bakal jadi doktor jantung yang menyelamatkan nyawa kita nanti…


BBB (Busy Betul Bah!)

My Grandma had septic shock.

So on Tuesday, I flew back to KK without Abu and the girls. It was CRAYSEEE! Got the call at around 1pm. And I joined my uncle/aunty/cousins for th 3.30pm flight. Macam amazing race!

She’s fine… Doing much better but still in the hospital. Yesterday I flew back to KL with a few thousand things to do.


  1. Bayar lampu to Lightcraft
  2. Bayar Franchise Radio
  3. Apply lesen untuk Franchise Radio
  4. Arrange site visit
  5. Arrange training session
  6. Kemas barang di rumah
  7. Makan… Minum… Mandi…

I need a Marc! Who wants to be my Marc????????!!!!

Not easy to handle own business. Nasib baik lah we have excellent experienced Franchisor to help us out.

For now, the shop baru start renovation. But I’ll put up the pictures also for keepsake.


The 2nd Dress

I think I like sewing better than knitting…

Maybe because I can see the finished product faster.

If I am more creative, I think I’d like to make these dresses and jubah kecil for sale. What say you????

Gotta love the tie-dye kain!

Model tidak bertauliah

The baju debuted during Nenek Pendi's kenduri...

 I am so in love with the kain, am thinking about making myself a jubah out of it but unfortunately, kain tidak cukup…

And now, I think I’d like to jual my sewing machine, so that I can get the one with more functions, since aku suda tahu guna mesin. Siapa-siapa interested in buying a basic sewing machine?

Seriously?! No… SERIOUSLY???

Sekali lagi, aku menjadi mangsa orang-orang yang eksyen.

Yesterday, aku pigi la Coach. Dengan hasrat, mencari wallet untuk Si Abu. Hampir 10 minit aku dalam kedai tu, satu orang pun dia punya sales person tidak datang menyapa. Aku pun terus memanggil, ‘Excuse me, Could you tell me where the men’s wallet are?’ , dengan accent british yang agak-agak pekat (don’t ask why, but everytime I get pissed off, the british accent came out of nowhere). Dan si PENJAGA KEDAI  pun tengok aku atas-bawah dan menjawab, ‘We have a few here and upstairs’, dengan ikhlas x ikhlas.

Aku yang malas mencari gaduh itu time, teruskan sajalah niat baik ku mencari wallet tanpa banyak cakap. Sebelum aku sempat naik tangga, masuklah 2 orang perempuan muda yang bergaya dengan beg-beg mahal diorang, lalu disambut dengan meriahnya oleh penjaga kedai tadi ‘Hi! Welcome to Coach’… Di dalam hatiku, ‘Sialan punya orang! Belum dia tahu aku ni siapa…’. Time to strike back… I went straight to the penjaga kedai and ask “Can you check if you have this bag in any other color in your other boutique?’. Dia yang tengah meng-attend perempuan-perempuan tadi pun terpaksa meminta kawannya mengambil alih customers tu dan terus ke arah telefon. After 2 minutes, dia pun berkata,’Yes, miss. We have this in The Gardens. Would you like to check out the colors we have here?’. Dan aku pun menjawab, ‘No thanks. I’ll head over to The Gardens… I think I’d rather give them the komisyen for this bag than to you. Thanks anyway…’… Dan aku pun keluar dari kedai itu….


Jennifer’s Body


I like the movie (surprisingly…). The story line is simple, Megan Fox is super hot, Adam Brody got sexier…

The story is about Jennifer, who was used as a sacrifice to satan, but the dudes got it wrong because she’s not a virgin, hence she became a succubus (a beautiful demon who eats people). I’m not gonna give any spoiler here. It’s not a ‘must watch’ but if you have some time to spare and nothing better to do, go for it. Megan Fox is really, really hot!

I give the movie a C+.


I went to Coach and DID NOT BUY ANYTHING!

I guess the urge passes and I am back to normal…

Yesterday, I saw a bitch-fight between 3 women in Subang Parade parking lot. I thought they were talking loudly, but suddenly one of them started pushing the other and they were really on each other’s throat. I didn’t bother to stay and see how it ended (wanted to but didn’t have time… ehehehehehhehe….).

Today, I went some ‘ME’ time, and met up with a good friend of mine for lunch. It is always nice to see faces that I misses very much. Sigh…

Ok lah. Nothing to write actually. B-O-R-I-N-G! I can’t wait for tomorrow…