This is it


This is it

Now I kno why he’s called the ‘King of Pop’.

I went to watch the documentary today. Some might not appreciate it but for music lovers, this is it! It’s the reference guide on how to conduct your own concert.

The late King was a perfectionist. Very, very cerewet to the point that I think those talented hardworking musicians might have hated his gut like hell. I always thought he lip-sync but he doesn’t and he still sound so good. No doubt he was the best dancer ever. Don’t even get me started on the technologies for the concert itself. The pyro-techniques, the Smooth Criminal video, and especially the Thriller clip… OMG!

He was also very hands-on on every single aspect of the concert. From the music beat to the dancers, he was just amazing. If he was still around, it would have been his greatest concert ever.

To all music and dance lovers; MUST WATCH! It is so inspiring.

I’m not rating it because I’m very much humbled by it.


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