Fixin’ a broken heart…

… or eyes… Heheheheheh…

Tajuk post tidak berkenaan dengan soal hati. I’m getting my eyes fixed! Yeay! Finally got okayed by the opthalmologist. Hence me going for the laser treatment next Thursday! Woohoo!!!!

I still can’t see very well since my pupil was dilated for the in depth checkup this morning. I bet a lot of people have a lot of questions regarding this treatment. Here are the things to consider before you go:

  • To those contact lense users, you gotta lay off wearing them for a few weeks before you go for the checkup.
  • You need a day or two rest before you can drive since your eyes will be sensitive to light and your vision might still be a little hazy (but not blurry).
  • It is quite costly. You need to prepare at least RM7k if you have to do both eyes, Lucky me, I only seem to have a problem with my right eye and they are also having a promotion (that ends tomorrow btw), so I’ll be paying around RM2900 (kot?!). And the treatment I’m going for is the better one since it uses laser to cut the cornea and the treatment is customized.

I’m not an expert on this but I wanted to proceed with the thing because my headaches due to the astig is getting a little bit annoying. Hopefully the results will be great. I will let you kno how it goes next week. Where I’m doing it? There a lot of companies now but I’m going with Optimax after a good recommendation from Momster. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Fixin’ a broken heart…

  1. oh oh my husband did this! konon berkesan lah coz he drives without glasses. hahaha. at the time i was breastfeeding so couldn’t do it. now dah boleh buat tapi i pulak yg dah pokai kekekekeke
    i hate contacts though. i prefer being speckied. i’d rather correct my teeth first than my eyes =P

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