Masalah besar

Conflict of interest;

I have always been a fan of nice stuff. And most of the nice stuffs that I like are expensive. No! Don’t roll your eyes just yet.

Well, me, being myself, are actually very calculative of things that I buy, expecially when it cost a bomb. For example, I will NEVER buy anything more than RM150 to put on my feet. In this case, I gave an exception to a particular Aldo sandal that I thought was really, really beautiful. Who in their right mind, would put RM1800 on their feet??? Even if I have the budget, I will not spend that much on shoes. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing for those who have extra money to spare. So don’t get me wrong on this. This is just my own personal stand on material stuff.

Ok… So apa masalah besar aku sekarang ni? I WANT THIS :14371_svp1_a0

Yes, I do own a few branded bags but 99% were gifts from my family.  Funky ain’t it?  Do I have the budget for this? I guess I can eat maggi for a month and the kids can just eat plain rice with warm water. What I’m trying to say is, boleh adjust la…

Apa isu sekarang ni? It’s the damn good intuition of rationalizing the whole value vs need. Do I NEED another bag? If you don’t, why do have to waste your money? Let’s say I decide to buy a bag, do I really NEED to spend that much of money on a bag? I can just get a good bag which cost a quarter of whatever THE bag is worth.

This is all Gossip Girl’s fault. All those rich socialite wearing all those lovely bags… Iskiskisk…

People say ‘kalau nak seribu daya, tak mau seribu dalih’.


6 thoughts on “Masalah besar

  1. ida says:

    aku akan mggunakan alasan2 spt di bwh utk menjustify-kan tindakan2 yg melibatkan handbag2 ini:
    1. reward to self: aku kerja keras already, @ d ofis definitely, @ home apatah lagi
    2. kalo ko maggi 4 a mo, aku plain water 4 a mo: kan aku mmg kena diet sbb dah gemok, ok lah tu!

  2. heh.. i guess i am the few unfashionable ones who always end up with a boring black very small handbag… and only have 1 at any one time.. pakai sampai dah nak hancur and kena paksa by my own hubby to buy new one – baru reluctantly pegi beli..

    itupun kalo gi sniri, harap le nak kuar from department store tu with a bag.. kena bawak assistant buyer who will convince me it is a good buy.

    all the best in the battle of need over desire

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