BBB (Busy Betul Bah!)

My Grandma had septic shock.

So on Tuesday, I flew back to KK without Abu and the girls. It was CRAYSEEE! Got the call at around 1pm. And I joined my uncle/aunty/cousins for th 3.30pm flight. Macam amazing race!

She’s fine… Doing much better but still in the hospital. Yesterday I flew back to KL with a few thousand things to do.


  1. Bayar lampu to Lightcraft
  2. Bayar Franchise Radio
  3. Apply lesen untuk Franchise Radio
  4. Arrange site visit
  5. Arrange training session
  6. Kemas barang di rumah
  7. Makan… Minum… Mandi…

I need a Marc! Who wants to be my Marc????????!!!!

Not easy to handle own business. Nasib baik lah we have excellent experienced Franchisor to help us out.

For now, the shop baru start renovation. But I’ll put up the pictures also for keepsake.



4 thoughts on “BBB (Busy Betul Bah!)

  1. Ajan says:

    Bah jgn lupa kedai teda dinding tu.. Kikikiki.. According to azmi dia bilang tu mau taruk glass wall, i think shud buka Spa di kedai tu, with such a view.. Its priceless, if, they know how to do it right..

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