On the roll!

I finished 2 quilt project this week.

Ziyad’s Raggedy Andy baby quilt:

I love the vintage kain very much. I still have one panel of Raggedy Ann… I think I’ll do one baby quilt for Ameena with it.

Abu’s quilt:

This design is called ‘Rosie’s Charm’. I took it from a quilting magazine. Easy to do because the patchwork is besar. I love the color. Makes me feel cosy and warm.

Now, I’m working on my own quilt since my favourite quilt (I have the bloody thing since 1996!) sudah koyak. Will put up the pictures once it’s done.

4 thoughts on “On the roll!

  1. zezz says:

    so ameena wl hv her own raggedy ann quilt eh? kewl…maybe we cud be besan *not YOU become my doter in law, pls!*

    i have to go to your hse soonest possible. ziyad’s binky dh reput hihihi

    thanks a zillion, dude! πŸ™‚

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