Geng Kasut Merah

I took this picture a few months back. Baru terperasan aku belum upload anywhere…

A quick update about us;

Geng member #1:

  • Gigi sudah ada 4 1/2 batang
  • Makan apa saja yang boleh di makan
  • Berani jalan lepas tangan. 1, 2 steps and then dia duduk
  • Suka kacau kakak  dia
  • Almost 10 months, rambut masih belum banyak
  • Pandai   ‘angkat telefon’

Geng member #2:

  • Her vocab is getting better and better (hey mommy! what u doing?)
  • Her favorite musical instrument is a violin and I found a toy violin in Tesco (harga violin plastik tu RM8.90)
  • Her favorite cartoon is Strawberry Shortcake (and mine too… I got the DVD cartoon SS 1980)
  • Her staple food is cereal and milk (favorite cereal is Honey Stars)
  • Refuse to sleep without her bantal, selimut and botol susu
  • Still pakai pacifier…

Geng member #3

  • Adjusting to life after office
  • Adjusting to life of doing things on your own
  • Adjusting to life of doing things on your own with 2 kids screaming at home
  • Refusing to pack anything until the last minute
  • Looking sadly at the cats because I won’t be taking them with me, but I want to
  • Wants a purple or light pink Toy Watch!

We’ll be going back to KK on the 5th Dec. If everything runs smoothly, shop will be open for business on the 15th Dec. Doa-doa kan lah semua berjalan lancar. But before we go, I’d like to set up a makan-makan session at my house. Dunno when, and if time permits, we only have weekdays to do it. I’ll be back in KL in January though for my eye check up and also for Abu’s restaurant opening. If we don’t meet up within these few days, we’ll surely meet up in January!

Ok… Need to mandi and go do banking and stuff…


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