And the moon rises to its glory

So does Jacob Black… Beautiful, beautiful boy… SIGH!

I must admit that Edward is the IDEAL romantic man, but I still prefer the bad wolf boy. I have this weakness for native men. In my humble, humble opinion, they have the most scenic (if I may use this term) skin color. And not to mention the hair… Beautiful black vidal sassoon hair… Picture this —> NUNO BETTENCOURT! Nuff said about those beautiful (4th time I used this term in this post…) red Indians (it’s not offensive to use this term, right?).

Back to the movie, truth be told, I only give it a B… Why? Apart from those crazy wolf transformation CGI, I felt that the movie was too short. Not a lot of scenes between Bella and Jacob actually. 1/3 of the movie was focused on how Bella was pining for Edward. But then again, it’s the same with the book… So I won’t comment on that. All those Twilight fans would kill me if I say nonsense about the books/movies.

What I like about the movie? The half naked wolf pack of course! Sam and the others are just a relief for sore eyes (or just lasered eyes. heh..). Would I recommend it to the rest of you? Yes, if you are a fan and have read the book (otherwise you won’t understand much). No, to Cat, because she will just roll her eyes from the start to the end… Marina, Benny, you must go. LOVE THE ABS babies! Love the abs…

2 thoughts on “And the moon rises to its glory

  1. The more p.c term would be ‘Native American’ which I’ve secretly lust for eversince Prof.Kopanski’s ‘American History’ class back in Sungai Pusu Educational Institute.HA HA HA.First time I notice that Taylor kid was his role in the kiddie movie.Yes, deep inside this sophisticated mind lies Cik Couger (yang hanya timbulkan diri when yummy creatures like native americans and maori rugby players pops up).

    They’re beautiful people and their skin just reminds me of a warm malted mocha.*shudders*Yum.

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