Hari ke 31 bulan Disember

Sometimes, life IS easier when we don’t have steer our own ship.

A lot of negative feedbacks from our customers here. The usual complaints seems to be; service too slow, harga terlampau mahal, portion makanan too little…

Well, I actually agree to the ‘slow service’ thingy. The thing is, we don’t have enough staff. We did not expect the huge tsunami wave of customers that came to the shop everyday. We want to take more employees but this is just the festive season. What if after this, when the crowd goes back to work/school, it subsides… Then how? I’m not hoping that the crowd will go but sooner or later it be ‘less busy’. SIGH… And I think, we need to sit down and train these people on customer servicing. SIGHHHHH…. What goes around comes around. Itu la… Dulu, aku selalu komen pasal orang. Sekarang, kena batang hidung sendiri.

Harga makanan punya hal, can’t do anything about it. Nama pun franchise. Our hands are tied on this matter. Service charge and GST tu di tetapkan oleh franchisor jugak.

Portion makanan sikit? Hmmm… Adjustable but not too much difference. Nasi yang di letak atas pinggan memang semangkuk saja. Will try to ask the servers to make it really, really penuh semangkuk.

People say, never let all this bad feedbacks get to you. But when your hard work  gets badly reviewed, it hits you right below the belt. Starting from tomorrow, I’ll be doing a different approach. Maybe I should be the Big Bad Wolf instead of Little Red Riding Hood… Wait and see.

So, as usual, what I list down Jan 2009:

For 2009, my to do list;

  • Give birth to protege #2 in a few weeks time…  (Done)
  • American Idol season 8 starts on Jan 14… (Yeay Lambert!)
  • Looking forward for a vacation that would possibly be impossible to arrange since I have 1 extra kid to carry around… (Hajat yang belum sampai)
  • A change in profession (or at least tempat kerja) perhaps? (Did this finally)
  • A new maid to replace the old one once her contract ends… (Done also)

So for 2010:

  • Learn how to manage my personal biasness towards all the negative feedbacks (it’s not personal… it’s mendable…)
  • Learn how to be a good businessperson.
  • Learn how to manage kerja and home better.
  • Learn how to do costing and accounting (hehehheehhe… Dulu cikgu ajar tak mau dengar. Padan muka sendiri!)
  • Learn how to take it easy and relax.

Semoga Tuhan memberi kekuatan kepada aku. Amiiiin!!!!!

Selamat Tahun Baru my friends.

Customer is always right…

… Or are they?????

I’ve been working in the service line for a long time but the toughest customers are those who are hungry.

These are some of the things we had to endure on a daily basis:

  • Nasi kamu ni ada campur santan ka? (Nama pun nasi LEMAK… Sigh…)
  • Saya mau ayam goreng ni dada saja. Kalau bukan dada saya tidak mau makan!
  • Kamu punya laksa ni pakai ikan apa? Sebab saya ni allergic certain ikan. Jadi kalau saya makan laksa kamu and kena allergic, nanti saya boleh saman kamu tu.
  • Ais lemon tea panas satu…
  • Saya mau itu cempopok satu. (Cempopok = cekodok) HAHAHHAHAHAH!
  • Kau ni balik-balik check order, macam BABI sudah muka mu ni…….

Kalau ikut hati, mau jugak aku halau dari kedai. What say you? Kata-kata kesat macam tu pun considered as ‘harassment’ right? SIGH!!!!

Sekian, terima kasih

Still the sexiest


I was watching Batman Returns just now and I still feel that Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman is the sexiest villain ever.

I’ve been having sleeping and stomach problem lately. I think the sudden change of eating only once a day is getting to me now. No, not dieting (eventhough I do need to cut down a little weight). Too busy to eat. By the time I eat, it’ll be late in the afternoon and that’ll be lunch + dinner. Yes, I need to take better care of myself. Hence, today, me resting at home for a bit. Maybe later in the evening I’ll go and help out at the shop.

Updates on the Powerpuff Girls? Khadeeja now likes to say ‘Oh Phooey!’, and that’s courtesy of Donald Duck. Ameena is walking steadily now.

Abu’s arriving tonight at 10pm from KL. He’ll be here for 2 days only. Why only 2 days? Sebab Restoran Pak Abu punya renovation will start on the 27th.

Ok la. I would like to CONGRATULATE my cousins for their excellent PMR results. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Lapar Maggi

Hari-hari tengok nasi sampai takda selera mau makan nasi…

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that the food is not good, but sometimes all we need is something else. As for me, it’s maggi. I want maggi ayam and telur! Nyam… Nyam…

So far, the new journey have been overwhelming. I guess it’s because of the festive season, we’ve been packed beyond control. I love the adrenaline rush. I love the team. They are a really, really hardworking bunch of people.

I will put up pictures once I could get a few.

New routine, same stress…

Sometimes, it’s even harder…

I don’t like to whine. I HATE whiny people. But I guess once in a while, letting it go is good for your health.

I haven’t been sleeping well. I dunno why. Maybe because it’s not my own cosy little cave. Maybe because Abu’s not here with me. Or maybe because I have no cats sleeping around me. Damn those furry little devils! I miss them… I even miss my ikan laga. SIGH!

Ok… Enough with the whining.

So how are everyone doing? KL people missed me yet???? Us? We are fine. The kids are adjusting well. They seem to enjoy being able to sit outside and play all day. They are also adjusting to having more people around them.

Me? I wake up 5.30am everyday. Some days I’ll sambung tidur after sembahyang Subuh, but most of the days, I’ll be wide awake, contemplating whether or not I should bring the kids out to the beach that morning. No, we haven’t been to the beach yet. I’ve been tied up with trying to get the businesses running. Nasi Lemak is 95% done. Tomorrow we’ll be doing a test run and InsyaAllah on 17th, we’ll be open for business. Woohoo!!!!!! As for Ms Read, we are still waiting for a few stuff to arrive from KL. we haven’t got a date set yet for opening. We hope to open before January, but if it’s impossible (since most of the set up staff might be on leave), we’ll go for 7th Jan. Other than that, I’m doing well. I haven’t been able to do any quilting or knitting or reading books or even watching DVDs. I’m TRYING to watch Hero as I’m blogging now but it doesn’t see, to work. I’m not concentrating well, because I’m tired and hungry at the same time.

KK’s lifestyle? Totally different from KL of course. When you put a lunatic road rager in a place where most of the people goes below 70km/h, I felt as if my blood pressure is just too low for me to even push the gas pedal. My mom is in Singapore and I had the honour of going the pasar besar to get supply. Still got shocked when the makcik jual sayur said, ‘yang ini, dua ikat $1.50’. Again, maybe because I am used to buying my food supply at Jusco where satu ikat sayur is $1.25. And don’t even get me started on the ikan/udang/sotong/ketam. I’ve never been so happy to see a lot of fresh fish in the same room. Last Sunday, I had brunch with my uncle at Hyatt’s Chinese restaurant, and we went for the Dim Sum buffet, and it cost $45 nett, I feel like I want to just sit there and stare at the abundance of Dim Sums! I’ve never seen anything below $50 for buffets at a hotel in KL. Having said that, I still miss my hectic life. I miss my friends, especially those who share my ‘intelligent jokes’. Iskiskisk…

Some pictures 4u2c:


The Pink Yakuza

The kedai

My paradise. Caught the sunset on my iphone...

 I shall try and update the blog frequently. The word is ‘TRY’… :-p


… only for a moment or two…

Am very busy with training and setting up. Yes, we are very much settled in at my mom’s place. I haven’t had any rest since we arrived. Saturday was Aniq’s birthday party (Happy Birthday Baby Boy!). Sunday, the mood was ‘total depression’ because I had to send Abu back to KL. Monday until today, training. The rest of the week and next week, preparation for opening the shop. Right now, both baies are sleeping soundly, I have the DVD player and Astro all for myself, without interruptions (mommy! Einstein! – I downloaded Little Einstein on my laptop)… And as of 2 seconds ago, my eyes are really, really heavy…

So, good nite, sleep tite my friends… I should be updating the blog more frequently after this… Maybe after a good massage session…



We (Siti, Chill and Suraya) had a cat called Kumuk (full name tengku gemuk) when were in our 3rd year. He looks somewhat like this particular cat but this cat is fluffier.

I want this cat!!!!! No need bantal if you have 1 of this thing.

Double whammy

And we were admitted after acara muntah berganti-ganti berlaku…

Monday night, from 7pm-ish, Baby K started vomitting. We thought it was because she was doing the pusing-pusing sampai pening game again. After an hour, she was still vomitting sampai minum air pun keluar balik. She looked pale so we rushed her to the Sunway ER at around 8pm. The doktor was telling us the stomach flu is going around now, and it is very contagious. I told the doktor; ‘but doc, my baby @ home ok je’. And he answered; ‘belum lagi tu…’

So Baby K and I got ourselves settled in the room. The baby next to Baby K had the same thing. I can’t afford to sleep because she was gagging every 30 minutes. And then, at around 1am, Abu smsed me ‘Ameena pun muntah-muntah jugak’… Damn…

She got admitted, and we got ourselves settled in a 2 bedded room. Since both babies were whiny and cranky, my maid had to stay with me in the hospital. Thank God I have her…

After 24 hours and 2 bottles of IV drip, the vomitting was reduced to only once or twice. Alhamdulillah, today, we got discharged. Khadeeja is still having fever, on and off but no more vomitting. Ameena, is just perfect. She started walking today. Not too stable but really walking.

I was really, really upset to see my babies with their hands poked and drips hanging everywhere. So small… So sad… But at least they are fine now. Sigh… Now I need to get some rest…