Double whammy

And we were admitted after acara muntah berganti-ganti berlaku…

Monday night, from 7pm-ish, Baby K started vomitting. We thought it was because she was doing the pusing-pusing sampai pening game again. After an hour, she was still vomitting sampai minum air pun keluar balik. She looked pale so we rushed her to the Sunway ER at around 8pm. The doktor was telling us the stomach flu is going around now, and it is very contagious. I told the doktor; ‘but doc, my baby @ home ok je’. And he answered; ‘belum lagi tu…’

So Baby K and I got ourselves settled in the room. The baby next to Baby K had the same thing. I can’t afford to sleep because she was gagging every 30 minutes. And then, at around 1am, Abu smsed me ‘Ameena pun muntah-muntah jugak’… Damn…

She got admitted, and we got ourselves settled in a 2 bedded room. Since both babies were whiny and cranky, my maid had to stay with me in the hospital. Thank God I have her…

After 24 hours and 2 bottles of IV drip, the vomitting was reduced to only once or twice. Alhamdulillah, today, we got discharged. Khadeeja is still having fever, on and off but no more vomitting. Ameena, is just perfect. She started walking today. Not too stable but really walking.

I was really, really upset to see my babies with their hands poked and drips hanging everywhere. So small… So sad… But at least they are fine now. Sigh… Now I need to get some rest…


6 thoughts on “Double whammy

  1. Oh, it breaks my heart to see your babies like that.Get well darling Kady and Ameena!{{{mwahs mwahs mwahs}}} and super kanggaru hugs for you, Ziah!You’re a mummy-hebat in my list! {{{hugs}}}

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