… only for a moment or two…

Am very busy with training and setting up. Yes, we are very much settled in at my mom’s place. I haven’t had any rest since we arrived. Saturday was Aniq’s birthday party (Happy Birthday Baby Boy!). Sunday, the mood was ‘total depression’ because I had to send Abu back to KL. Monday until today, training. The rest of the week and next week, preparation for opening the shop. Right now, both baies are sleeping soundly, I have the DVD player and Astro all for myself, without interruptions (mommy! Einstein! – I downloaded Little Einstein on my laptop)… And as of 2 seconds ago, my eyes are really, really heavy…

So, good nite, sleep tite my friends… I should be updating the blog more frequently after this… Maybe after a good massage session…


4 thoughts on “Pausing…

  1. Jaja says:

    ziah,i’m excited coz next time gi KK ada tempat nk lepak..yeay!sementara tu hope you’re doing okay with yr new ventures ni…take care!

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