New routine, same stress…

Sometimes, it’s even harder…

I don’t like to whine. I HATE whiny people. But I guess once in a while, letting it go is good for your health.

I haven’t been sleeping well. I dunno why. Maybe because it’s not my own cosy little cave. Maybe because Abu’s not here with me. Or maybe because I have no cats sleeping around me. Damn those furry little devils! I miss them… I even miss my ikan laga. SIGH!

Ok… Enough with the whining.

So how are everyone doing? KL people missed me yet???? Us? We are fine. The kids are adjusting well. They seem to enjoy being able to sit outside and play all day. They are also adjusting to having more people around them.

Me? I wake up 5.30am everyday. Some days I’ll sambung tidur after sembahyang Subuh, but most of the days, I’ll be wide awake, contemplating whether or not I should bring the kids out to the beach that morning. No, we haven’t been to the beach yet. I’ve been tied up with trying to get the businesses running. Nasi Lemak is 95% done. Tomorrow we’ll be doing a test run and InsyaAllah on 17th, we’ll be open for business. Woohoo!!!!!! As for Ms Read, we are still waiting for a few stuff to arrive from KL. we haven’t got a date set yet for opening. We hope to open before January, but if it’s impossible (since most of the set up staff might be on leave), we’ll go for 7th Jan. Other than that, I’m doing well. I haven’t been able to do any quilting or knitting or reading books or even watching DVDs. I’m TRYING to watch Hero as I’m blogging now but it doesn’t see, to work. I’m not concentrating well, because I’m tired and hungry at the same time.

KK’s lifestyle? Totally different from KL of course. When you put a lunatic road rager in a place where most of the people goes below 70km/h, I felt as if my blood pressure is just too low for me to even push the gas pedal. My mom is in Singapore and I had the honour of going the pasar besar to get supply. Still got shocked when the makcik jual sayur said, ‘yang ini, dua ikat $1.50’. Again, maybe because I am used to buying my food supply at Jusco where satu ikat sayur is $1.25. And don’t even get me started on the ikan/udang/sotong/ketam. I’ve never been so happy to see a lot of fresh fish in the same room. Last Sunday, I had brunch with my uncle at Hyatt’s Chinese restaurant, and we went for the Dim Sum buffet, and it cost $45 nett, I feel like I want to just sit there and stare at the abundance of Dim Sums! I’ve never seen anything below $50 for buffets at a hotel in KL. Having said that, I still miss my hectic life. I miss my friends, especially those who share my ‘intelligent jokes’. Iskiskisk…

Some pictures 4u2c:


The Pink Yakuza

The kedai

My paradise. Caught the sunset on my iphone...

 I shall try and update the blog frequently. The word is ‘TRY’… :-p

19 thoughts on “New routine, same stress…

  1. do post photos of the kedai once dah open!… and of course, give us your address so we can meramaikan and membanyak kan revenue anda.

    on groceries being cheaper at the wet markets – even in kl, it is cheaper at wet markets – only i personally have never set foot in one – unless it’s becoz my mum dragged me along 😛

    on the road rager thing, heh… apa la ziahhh.. just chilll… u finally get to relax on the road rather than blow your top off every weekday morn..

    i think we are addicted to stress… when i was working, was stressed abt work… now am on confinement, am stressed thinking on how i would schedule my mornings when it’s time to get back to work (yknow.. with all the getting kids ready, ensure they hv bfast, dropping of the boys at their grannies, then dropping off kakak at skool shebang)

    i am exhausted even thinking of it… yeeehaaa

  2. Jason David says:

    Pysco woman…calm down already…i would kill to be where you are….minutes from the beach,lovely innit?…everything is fine here. Nurul is on FB. Cath joined the carolling mentored by Jeya. Huhuhu….Me and Cath will be on leave for 17days starting this Saturday. YAY!!! My early Christmas gift from my sister was an Iphone. Yay Again…also why dont you scout for the best beach so we could all plan a trip to KK sometime next year? Awesome idea innit????

    • naziah says:

      wat’s wif the ‘innit’??? 17 days? wat’s the plan? going to north pole and got a part time job as santa’s elf? heheheheh… I miss making ur life miserable…

  3. Cat says:

    wats with the “innit”s?

    yes, i’m Jeya’s giutarist. since then, i’ve discovered new carols in new keys i never knew existed…. sigh.. my poor virgin ears. still. all in the spirit of Christmas.

    anyways… YOU! come backkk!!!!

    • naziah says:

      u have no idea how many comments i have about u being jeya’s guitarist and joining the carolling… do they even allow the devil’s minion #1 to join?
      p/s: i miss u too… u’ll get ur xmas gift next month.

  4. selamat maju jaya saya ucapkan untuk your newfound carreer. nanti kalau saya ke KK bila2 nanti (entah bila), saya akan pastikan saya makan nasi lemak di kedai abu dan beli baju di kedai anda… errr untuk mak saya.

  5. I’m sure in long run u r gonna be happier there, bebeh! think of the beach and the fresh seafood after a long hard day work!

    p.s. My big bro often sighs about the lack of intelligent talk and say ‘You have no god damn idea how much i miss you’ to me. Now i truly understand what he meant when i read this. :))

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