Lapar Maggi

Hari-hari tengok nasi sampai takda selera mau makan nasi…

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that the food is not good, but sometimes all we need is something else. As for me, it’s maggi. I want maggi ayam and telur! Nyam… Nyam…

So far, the new journey have been overwhelming. I guess it’s because of the festive season, we’ve been packed beyond control. I love the adrenaline rush. I love the team. They are a really, really hardworking bunch of people.

I will put up pictures once I could get a few.


2 thoughts on “Lapar Maggi

  1. Mmm, megi ayam + telur with tons of cili kicap!!!Aku suda 2 tahun ndak makan megi.Here where got megi from Malaysia.Megi kat sini tak sedap, the noodle seem ‘waxy’.Tak sabar mau balik kampong.My first meal?MEGI!

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