Still the sexiest


I was watching Batman Returns just now and I still feel that Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman is the sexiest villain ever.

I’ve been having sleeping and stomach problem lately. I think the sudden change of eating only once a day is getting to me now. No, not dieting (eventhough I do need to cut down a little weight). Too busy to eat. By the time I eat, it’ll be late in the afternoon and that’ll be lunch + dinner. Yes, I need to take better care of myself. Hence, today, me resting at home for a bit. Maybe later in the evening I’ll go and help out at the shop.

Updates on the Powerpuff Girls? Khadeeja now likes to say ‘Oh Phooey!’, and that’s courtesy of Donald Duck. Ameena is walking steadily now.

Abu’s arriving tonight at 10pm from KL. He’ll be here for 2 days only. Why only 2 days? Sebab Restoran Pak Abu punya renovation will start on the 27th.

Ok la. I would like to CONGRATULATE my cousins for their excellent PMR results. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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