Hari ke 31 bulan Disember

Sometimes, life IS easier when we don’t have steer our own ship.

A lot of negative feedbacks from our customers here. The usual complaints seems to be; service too slow, harga terlampau mahal, portion makanan too little…

Well, I actually agree to the ‘slow service’ thingy. The thing is, we don’t have enough staff. We did not expect the huge tsunami wave of customers that came to the shop everyday. We want to take more employees but this is just the festive season. What if after this, when the crowd goes back to work/school, it subsides… Then how? I’m not hoping that the crowd will go but sooner or later it be ‘less busy’. SIGH… And I think, we need to sit down and train these people on customer servicing. SIGHHHHH…. What goes around comes around. Itu la… Dulu, aku selalu komen pasal orang. Sekarang, kena batang hidung sendiri.

Harga makanan punya hal, can’t do anything about it. Nama pun franchise. Our hands are tied on this matter. Service charge and GST tu di tetapkan oleh franchisor jugak.

Portion makanan sikit? Hmmm… Adjustable but not too much difference. Nasi yang di letak atas pinggan memang semangkuk saja. Will try to ask the servers to make it really, really penuh semangkuk.

People say, never let all this bad feedbacks get to you. But when your hard work  gets badly reviewed, it hits you right below the belt. Starting from tomorrow, I’ll be doing a different approach. Maybe I should be the Big Bad Wolf instead of Little Red Riding Hood… Wait and see.

So, as usual, what I list down Jan 2009:

For 2009, my to do list;

  • Give birth to protege #2 in a few weeks time…  (Done)
  • American Idol season 8 starts on Jan 14… (Yeay Lambert!)
  • Looking forward for a vacation that would possibly be impossible to arrange since I have 1 extra kid to carry around… (Hajat yang belum sampai)
  • A change in profession (or at least tempat kerja) perhaps? (Did this finally)
  • A new maid to replace the old one once her contract ends… (Done also)

So for 2010:

  • Learn how to manage my personal biasness towards all the negative feedbacks (it’s not personal… it’s mendable…)
  • Learn how to be a good businessperson.
  • Learn how to manage kerja and home better.
  • Learn how to do costing and accounting (hehehheehhe… Dulu cikgu ajar tak mau dengar. Padan muka sendiri!)
  • Learn how to take it easy and relax.

Semoga Tuhan memberi kekuatan kepada aku. Amiiiin!!!!!

Selamat Tahun Baru my friends.


4 thoughts on “Hari ke 31 bulan Disember

  1. Happy New Year to you and your family.
    p.s. Why don’t you try to employ a few extra employers only during Rush Hour? Does it work there? No matter how hard it hits you in the head, always carry it with a smile. Remember that working for yourself is 1000% better than working for other people.xoxo

  2. hani says:

    good luck ziah…baru2 ni memang tough sikit la agaknya sbb belum biasa…i’m sure u and the staff will get better along with time…sabar banyak2 la ya? aku doakan ko berjaya… amiinn…

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