The most intriguing…

… Mr Sherlock Holmes…

As a fan of crime investigation series, this is one of the best I’ve seen. I love the plot of the movie. Everyone seems to be ready to accept the fact that Lord Blackwood is really a witch. And everything turns out to be purely scientific.

Am I bias because Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock? I think it might have some sort of an effect on my readiness to accept the dull colors of the cinematography (all grey and dull London…). If it’s not for the colorful character, I would probably have fallen asleep somewhere in the beginning. As for Dr Watson, his presence was not just a mere coincidence. I think he completes Sherlock Holmes. Their impeccable bromance is really the whole essence of the movie.

So my ratings? A strong B from me… Would I recommend it to everyone? Only if you love investigave drama, or Jude Law, or Robert Downey Jr, or dirty unbathed men.

4 thoughts on “The most intriguing…

  1. Satu jer yang aku tensen (dengan diri sendiri bukan terhadap pilem ini).That fight scene ala Fight Club tu (Holmes bertepuktampar), reminds me so much of the first X-MEN movie, scenes involving our favorite man-with-PMS-and-nasty-adamantium-claws, Wolverine.

    Pesen rambut cam mao sama aja.HAHA HA HA HA.

    But my cousin and I loved it so much, we’re looking forward to the sequel (Moriarty!!My favorite villain in Arthur Conan Doyle’s books!).

    But at least Dr.Watson was not made into an orang-tua-bumbling-but-rational character like most Holmes-inspired tv series.The female characters, however are…a bit…too…boring.

    Is it just me or adakah itu Rachel McAdams agak buruk berambut kerinting dan mekap burlesque?

  2. naziah says:

    zaman tu kali cantik la bah mekap begitu… heheheh… i just luv the way he have to plan every single move before he bertampar…

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