The prettiest of them all!

You kno how I love looking at those beautiful boys… I have found the prettiest of them all!

I usually go for the height but lately I realized that I’m moving from tall people, to pretty people. Only a few of those I lust for have the holy trinity (height, pretty, and good looking ass!). For example, McSteamy. He’s tall, good looking with jawdropping hot-ass. Abang Johnny? He’s got the look and charm but neither the height nor the great body. Sam Winchester? The height, a body-to-die-for, but lacking on the prettiness (but still good looking nonetheless…). So who is this person, whom I think is the prettiest of them all (notice all the ‘neither’, ‘nonetheless’, ‘whom’? Don’t I sound like the Queen of England? Heh…)?

Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Gyung

 Meet my latest obsession. I no longer wants him to be my boyfriend but I still think he is very good looking. The first week of watching You’re Beautiful, I couldn’t sleep without watching him at least for 5 minutes. Jambu like perempuan? Do I look like I care?! I LOVE HIM!

I haven’t been able to sleep properly nowadays. Feels like I’m a borderline insomniac already. Falling asleep is not a problem but staying asleep seems impossible. I tried every single recommendations given but nothing works. I don’t think I overworked. And no, don’t drink coffee at night! I’m doing well with the coffee addiction. I only take 1 cup every morning. No, I’m lying. The cup I have is huge so it’s like 2 cups of coffee in it. I’m trying a new thing today which is detoxing. I hope this works. If I don’t get enough sleep tonight, I don’t kno how I’m gonna survive tomorrow’s stock take (7.45am, I have to be there already sebab pukul 8am start stock taking). Now it’s 11.04pm and I’m only 5% sleepy. Sigh…

Okla… I leave you with this clip of this fictional group A.N.JELL performing, with my latest toyboy as their lead singer. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “The prettiest of them all!

  1. shanky says:

    he looks like gary,u remember gary from auths!
    errr not my type so u can keep him all to your pretty self.
    he looks errr very gay la!

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