Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the crankiest bitch of all?

Soooooo, how’s everyone doing? I hope you had a good weekend. Me? Can’t really remember what I did on the weekend but I think it was good. How can I not remember what I did? It’s because nothing interesting happened! Life is getting too routined up to the point I don’t even have to think which road to take to avoid jam. Because there’s hardly any jam here! I get stressed up because there’s no bloody hour long jam here! I hardly get to listen to my ipod because there’s no jam!!!

Why am I stressed up? Khadeeja now refuses to wear anything but Hello Kitty, or purple, pink, or white, or strawberry shortcake! She no longer watch Little Einsteins. She’s into The Powerpuff Girls, Spongebob (Cat, whose fault is this?!), and Phineas & Ferbs. She’s growing up and I didn’t see that coming so soon. Ameena talks back at me. She’s 1 and she says, ‘Ya Allah!’ everytime I scold her… She beats up her sister, pulls her hair and bit her as well!


Top 12 Nite

Seriously, I still haven’t found my fave to win. Since I don’t think I’d be watching in on time (FYI to all my international friends, I am in Malaysia and we only get to watch the performances at 6pm our time GST +8). So I’m watching it online via Rickey.org.

Big Mike (Miss You) – Nothing new here… We all kno he can sing. We all kno he will get a recording contract.

Didi Benami (Play With Fire) – Indie singer in the making…

Casey James (It’s All Over Now) – Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Rock on Pretty boy!

Lacey Brown (Ruby Tuesday) – Her voice changes every week. I don’t like it! She needs to decide what kind of artist she wants to be asap. Otherwise, people will get confused.

Andrew Garcia (Gimme Shelter) – Not working for me… Dude’s in a dangerous spot this week.

Katie Stevens (Wild Horses) – Good performance but one that won’t be remembered for long.

Tim Urban (Under My thumb) – Errr… Not liking it at all.

Siobhan Magnus (Paint It Black) – She doesn’t have the best vocal but what an entertainer!

Lee Dweyze (Beast Of Burden) – If you listen to the mp3, you’d think he’s forcing his voice out. But having said that, I think it was a good performance.

Paige Miles (Honky Tonk Women) – Wrong song choice for me.

Aaron Kelly (Angie) – This boy has got the lungs for the industry. I’m guessing all the tweens are working extra hard to get more allowance to vote for him.

Crystal Bowersox (You Can’t Always Get What You Want) – That was amazing!

Overall, the song choices were a bit off for me. Maybe it’s my ears… 🙂

Who’s going home? Andrew Garcia or Lacey Brown.

Di kasi kerja pun ndak mau datang!

Bikin panas!

Kepada semua yang ingin meng-apply kerja,

Kalau sudah hantar resume sama bakal majikan, sila pastikan yang anda AKAN datang interview.

We received 20 resumes and only 3 came for interview. Yang bestnya, alasan-alasan yang diberikan:

  • Makcik saya sakit, saya terpaksa balik kampung.
  • Nenek saya sakit, saya terpaksa jaga dia.
  • Saya ndak jadi mau kerja lah sebab bapak saya suruh jaga kebun di kampung.
  • Tiada transport mau datang interview.


Naziah In Wonderland

The Beautiful Mad Hatter

Before you judge me for giving this movie an B+, watch it first…

A lot will say, my biasness towards Johnny Depp plays a big role on the grading. Actually, the movie was not in my ‘must-see’ list. Not at all. Alice In Wonderland is not a favorite of mine, and I thought the costume was just too bright and weird.

After 2 failed attempts, I finally dragged my butt out and went to watch it with my cousins. Even as I sat down in my seat, I still have doubts. I kept thinking that if the story gets boring, I will go to the bookstore.

I was intrigued when Alice’s father told her ‘The best ones always are crazy’…  I love the way they shot the whole thing. And the storyline was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was interesting. Alice is beautiful and I just adore her costumes.

I’m not gonna spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Big Deal!

Big Mike sang beautifully… Just give him a recording contract already!!!!

Alex Lambert was my fave for the nite but UNFORTUNATELY he got booted out. Damn! I love his voice…

Andrew Garcia is becoming to cliche with singing girl songs.

Casey James will be a singer… in a bar!

Tim Urban and Lee Dweyze will need to find different instruments to play.

Todrick Hall wants to be Adam Lambert but NOT WORKING!

Aaron Kelly should sing High School Musical songs.

Having said that, I’d rather all the boys go the top 12 and kick out 4 girls instead.

Those who got voted out? Alex Lambert, Todrick Hall, Katelyn Epperly and Lilly Scott