It doesn’t pay to be nice!

… sometimes only…

Thanks to my evil twin, I have a topic to write today.

You all kno that I’m a terrible, terrible driver right? I never want to give way and I always honk at people. My temper doesn’t really help at all. But today, since I have this throbbing headache and flu, my reflexes and driving skills were a little bit compramised, hence, me being a very courteous driver! I swear I’m not lying! Stop rolling your eyes!

Back to the story… So today, me, being the nice person behind the wheel, actually stopped and let this idiot (potong markah kesabaran already…) mencelah in front of my car. Angkat tangan to say thank you pun tidak… Okaaaaay…. Fiinnnnneeeeeeeee….. Yang betul-betul bikin gue panas, dia punya sign yang di lekat di cermin belakang keretanya —> ONLY DUMB PEOPLE STAYS BEHIND!

Yes… Yes… Those are meaningless words… But when your gesture was not appreciated, and you found yourself reading this kind of stuff, angin panas pun naik pigi kepala. Nasihat ku kepada sesiapa yang rasa benda-benda ni kelakar; kadang-kadang memang funny. Tapi bayangkan kalau orang yang memandu di belakang anda itu tengah ‘jiwa kacau’. Mau kena langgar kereta dari belakang!!!!


10 thoughts on “It doesn’t pay to be nice!

  1. Mr. Ridge says:

    tarik nafas… kalau tak dapat dari hidung, dari mulut pun OK.. pastu lepas.. huhuuhuhu.. T.E.N.A.N.G dan bertenang

  2. jun.ida says:

    sign ONLY DUMB PEOPLE STAYS BEHIND! dll yg sewaktu dgnnya adalah not funny at all
    bg aku, car owners yg ltk signs mcm ni kat kete adalah arrogant & tak berapa cerdik

  3. I personally hate people putting konon “cute signages” on their car, sometimes it shows that they are dumb and clueless e.g. “Don’t Follow me, I’m lost too”. Why lah are you driving then?? Don’t put any signage and people won’t have any perception on you.

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