Waxing shmaxing!

When you had nothing better to do, visit the Ministry of Waxing and learn all about bululess body.

My intention on Monday was to just get my upper lip hair done. I ended up with a Brazillian… Am not ashamed to admit that it was painful, but not as painful as I imagined it would be. So the next question is, why do it when you kno it’s gonna be painful? Hygiene baby. HYGIENE. Malu? Of course la malu but hey, you don’t try and do vah-jay-jay waxing on your own. You’ll never make it pass the first pull. 🙂

Anywhooooo, I always wanted to try the Brazillian. I have friends who does it on a monthly basis and according to them it helps a lot with the health of your vah-jay-jay. And it’s not only for the ladies. According to the therapist, they do ‘Boyzillian’ as well. Yes, it’s more painful than Brazillian, due the nature of the location of the bulus. Hehehehehe… Any takers?

Moral of the story of this post? Brazillian pain is overrated.

xox: Naziah

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